A Clock That Travels Through Time Art Deco Design In The 21St Century

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Great color combination in blue by the style schedule for general room inspiration including art deco elements
Art deco defined in 8 minutes
A Clock That Travels Through Time Art Deco Design In The 21St Century

Old-School ElectronicsRetro technology from the Cold War era

Nixie tubes lie at the heart of our Nixie tube clocks and also give it its name. The tubes were manufactured decades ago in the former Soviet Union with the intention of being used in military equipment for purposes that are probably best left unsaid.

Rediscover your music collection and hear things you’ve never heard before.

Our skilled artisans are kept locked away in darkened rooms, fed and watered only sparingly until their work is done. They rarely see daylight and this led them to create a clock that was visible in low light conditions as well as daylight. The combination of brand new Nixie tubes from the Cold War era, lovingly handcrafted wooden enclosures and 6 layers of polyurethane, produce a unique Nixie tube clock with a postmodern aesthetic.

Straight from the Soviet army science lab to your home: The Vintage Nixie Tube Clock.

Music just sounds better through a Nuvitron´s Bluetooth Sound Machine. Fact. There’s something very natural about the way it deals with musical information. What’s more, it looks fantastic and is a great conversation piece.

Home Out of Stock Products The Black Postmodern Nixie Tube Clock

Design And CraftsmanshipEach Black Postmodern Nixie tube clock takes more than 30 hours of work

CAs if that wasn’t enough, we then use a polyurethane finish to protect the wood. This isn’t a stack-em-high-sell-‘em-cheap philosophy. It’s more of a don’t-stack-‘em-at-all-sell’-em-at-a-price-that-reflects-the-love-and-care-that-have-gone-into-‘em, type philosophy, if you will. (But we’ll understand if you won’t.)

Artisans handcraft our wooden enclosures… they have more than a century of combined experience and a unique relationship with the gods of electronics.

Nuvitron presents the Postmodern Nixie Clock: an electronic work of art

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This ethereal connection helps to produce the awesome Nuvitron products you see before you. Geeky gadgets, made using vintage electronics left over from the Cold War era.

The tubes we use are brand new and we rescued them from a potential life of mass destruction to offer them a peaceful future. Nixie tubes are the ancestors of LEDs but much, much cooler.

There are no mass-produced, robot-made items here. Our postmodern enclosures are all hand made by skilled artisans and each one takes over 30 hours to create.

Many of our wizards are similarly bearded and some of them do sweat a lot but the real difference is that they do succeed in turning base materials into gold; taking vintage technology, combining it with modern electronics and turning it into gold by clothing it in beautiful, handcrafted wooden enclosures, now available online for the discerning consumer.

Nuvitron rescued new Nixie tubes from dark, damp, long abandoned basements in hollowed out mountains in the old Soviet Union. Parachuting in, James Bond style, under cover of night – ahem, we wish! But the Nixie tubes that we use are actually new components, originally intended for use in military applications during the Cold War. We’re all friends now though (discuss…) and it’s fitting that these Nixie tubes are given new life, housed in an elegant, postmodern enclosure. This one is painted Black, like the dark night of the soul.

Nuvitron pays homage to Cold War era components by bringing them back in handcrafted wooden enclosures. Devices that once would have been used for nefarious purposes are now used for pleasure and fluffy niceness.

The R&D facilities at Nuvitron are the modern equivalent of the alchemist labs of days gone by. Back then, wizards with long beards sweated over bubbling and steaming cauldrons in a vain attempt to turn base metals into gold.

Numeric Indicator Experimental Nº1. That is how the Nixie name was born. A simple and elegant solution to meet the need of a numerical display. This technology was developed by an american company called Burroughs Corporation in the mid fifties.

Made during the Cold War by Soviet scientists, these glowing wonders ceased to be produced when the Berlin wall fell.

State Of The Art ElectronicsA tribute to the basis of modern technology

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