An Art Deco Apartment In South London Decorated To The Max

idee interieur maison design An Art Deco Apartment In South London Decorated To The Max

idee interieur maison design An Art Deco Apartment In South London Decorated To The Max

An art deco apartment in south london decorated to the max
An art deco apartment in south london decorated to the max
An art deco apartment in south london decorated to the max designsponge
An art deco apartment in south london decorated to the max
5 amazing art deco interior designs interiorholic
An art deco apartment in south london decorated to the max
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Entryway Paint – Little Greene “Citrine” Ceiling light – B&Q Flooring – Quick-Step

Celebrating Roots: A Multicultural Home Full of Family, Art & History

Creating a new look for the quaint kitchen is Sarah and Jason’s goal for 2018.

While muted, the room still fits into the overall style of their apartment thanks to an eclectic mix of textures.

During the renovation, if you had asked Sarah and Jason about their favorite part of the flat, the conversation may have veered towards its overall potential or throwback details. After having lived there for five years, however, they say the community that envelopes their slice of the sky is unequivocally its greatest asset. When they come home, they’re welcomed by the smell of dinner wafting through the seams of their neighbors’ front doors, greeted by friends hanging out on the grounds, and filled with a sense of being a part of something bigger. Part of their connection to the building can be credited to the open communication between the tenants. Their building uses the messenger app WhatsApp to facilitate honest conversations regarding improvements to the grounds, safety and much more.

Living Room Sofa – Sofa Workshop Wallpaper – Osborne & Little “Minaret” Neon sign artwork – Romily Alice Walden Chair upholstery – Eley Kishimoto for Kirkby Design Ceiling paint – Crown Paints “Chatterbox” Wall paint – Behr “Pencil Point”

Daring DIY Modernizes a Century-Old Victorian in Northern Ireland

When Sarah walks through her front door, the first thing she thinks is, Ahhh. Now I can melt into my velvet sofa.

In London, a Wallpaper Designer’s Meticulous Planning Pays Off

Properties came and went, but they just couldn’t shake their affection for the gem in Croydon. After having an offer on another home declined, Sarah and Jason went out on a limb and revisited the Art Deco option in hopes it’d still be available. Much to their surprise, there it sat. Better yet, the price had been slashed. Not a pair to tempt fate, they took it as a sign and made the space theirs.

Not even this maximalist pair’s hallway is decorated with neutrals.

it’s hard for me to cover alpana bawa without spacing out while i look at the vivid colors in her collection. alpana’s latest 2007 home collection is positively oozing with gorgeous designs. i’ve picked my favorite above and below but you can see the full collection right here. between alpana and john robshaw i’m really loving bold, colorful linens right now…

Once the bones of the space were prepped, the couple moved on to their favorite phase of the design process: decorating. Their goal for the project was twofold — craft a space that made working from home more enjoyable and that referenced the sparkling 1930s. By sourcing furniture and wallpaper inspired by the era, they quickly checked off the latter. For the former, they sought out pattern-filled accessories and cheeky pieces of art that infused maximalism style into the space. Doing so has made each room feel far from boring and has resulted in a home perfect for a couple looking to stay inspired from nine to five and beyond.

Sarah admits she sometimes gets so caught up in the excitement of seeing her design ideas brought to life that she finds herself cutting corners while executing them. One thing this apartment has taught her, though, is how rewarding it can be to do things the right way.

In North Carolina, a Family Sets the Stage for Memory-Making

Sarah and Jason’s compact bedroom needs all the help it can get to appear larger. Uncovered windows and strategically-placed mirrors have helped immensely.

Image above: The mantel in Jason and Sarah’s bedroom has proven to be a great place for the couple to display their latest baubles.

Nearly every corner of the London space is brimming with energetic touches. The couple’s bedroom, however, was purposefully outfitted with a more subtle hand. They wanted a relaxing, calming space where they could peacefully begin and end their days.

Sarah and Jason’s Bedroom Paint – Farrow & Ball “Smoked Trout” Artwork – Alexander Grahovsky Bed frame – Adventures in Furniture

Before & After: An 1880s Victorian in Scotland is Refashioned

Sarah broke all the rules when decorating Marley’s room. Instead of using traditional “kid-friendly” decor, she opted for pop art and graphic elements. She created this wall installation herself.

“What we love most about our home is making fun memories!” – The Akwisombes

The bathroom is zippy thanks to the overlapping collection of black-and-white shapes in the tile, shower curtain, towel and window.

Overall, this home is one to strive for inside and out: its design has major personality, its rooms are full of love and it’s nestled within a neighborhood we all could learn a thing or two from. I’m sure you’ll adore getting a peek inside as much as I did. Scroll down to check it out, and enjoy! —Garrett

When they found out Jason and Sarah had bought their first home, many friends and family members suggested the couple tone down their penchant for risk-taking in favor of furnishings that would increase their apartment’s resale value. On the contrary, Jason and Sarah decided to max out the opportunity to finally design a space 100% to their liking.

In Paris, an Apartment Drenched in Wallpaper is a Dream Realized

A Speedy Renovation in London Honors the Past with Color & Texture

Before & After: Updating Inherited Pieces with Ariene C. Bethea

When blogger and decorator Sarah Akwisombe and her husband Jason first saw this apartment in Croydon, London, its Art Deco details and potential had the duo elated. Their eagerness to snap it up came to a screeching halt, however, when they saw its price tag. Convinced they’d never be able to afford it, the couple begrudgingly moved on and tried to fall in love with other homes.

Sarah and Jason chose this minaret wallpaper to complement their building’s inherent Art Deco style. The velvet head sitting in front of it is a Halloween decoration. The quirky piece fits the room so well, the couple can’t find it in themselves to stow it away.

While they were anxious to get into the apartment, the Akwisombes were more concerned with making sure the space was just right for their newborn daughter before moving in. That being said, they lived with Sarah’s parents while making their way down a list of necessary renovations. Over the course of three months, the duo had new bathroom fixtures and carpet installed and gave the walls and ceilings new coats of paint.

The furnishings in the combination living/dining room may look formal in shape and form, but the family has been extremely happy with how cozy the space turned out. All three of them can comfortably dine and relax here anytime they want.

Sarah just happened to catch this shot of Marley one day while fiddling with her camera at the dinner table.

An Art Deco Apartment In South London Decorated To The Max