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Time Makes Changes Avril Dalziel Saunders

Time Makes Changes

Avril Dalziel Saunders

Published April 13th 2013
Kindle Edition
98 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

Time changes us all, and a class reunion shows Linda just how much people changes. . . and perhaps how much they don’t . . .Time Make Changes is a short read about an interesting day in the life of Linda MacGregor. Linda and her husband James return to Scotland to retire after living over thirty-five years in London. She attends a school reunion where she catches up with old school classmates that she hasn’t seen for over forty-five years. In her mind she compares how they were then to how they are now with some hilariously funny, happy, and sad results.The story is ‘down-to-earth’ with the universal types of people that everyone comes across in real life. Linda’s experiences will ring true with anyone who has ever been to a class reunion. Personal secrets are revealed: some people have improved with age, some have not, and Linda’s old school pals have some humorously sexy and naughty gossip that will take you by surprise.So share a stroll down memory lane with Linda MacGregor and those she who she meets along the way . . .