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idee interieur maison design Déco Orientale Carpetvista

idee interieur maison design Déco Orientale Carpetvista

During a recent photo shoot we caught one of the carpetvista interior designers in the process
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Que du bonheur à recevoir les tapis commandés ! Rien à dire… c’est parfait ! Qualité au top , sans oublier l’amabilité des Hôtesses ” CARPETVISTA ” lors d’appels téléphoniques !

The carpets’ strong colors, high level of quality and the fact that there was only a limited production make the a sought after commodity today. You can have a look at some of these beautiful pieces in our new collection  of antique Chinese Art Déco carpets from the 1920s.

Décorez votre maison avec une touche orientale qui combine habilement l’univers classique de l’Orient avec la mode contemporaine. Des taies d’oreiller expressives, des Poshtis (Pushtis) et des tabourets ottomans fabriqués à partir de tapis nomades Kelim tissés à la main sont des accessoires parfaits pour ajouter un élément de couleur dans votre habitation.

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East meets WestWhen China joined forces with the Allies the trade of Chinese carpets to Europe and North America began to flourish. The Chinese carpet designers also became inspired by the European contemporary designs and the strong new palette of colors the came in contact with. 

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Interview with interior design consultant Elizabetth Henberg

The style is characterized by geometry, color, and a mixture of modern and classical. The furniture was meant to not only be practical, but also esthetically pleasing and emphasize the individual while still remaining decorative. Much of the inspiration was taken from the Orient, ancient Greece and Egypt.

The times following the First World War brought a great interest in new art and design influences, which contributed to the spread of Art Déco and its popularity. 

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Art Déco originated in France after World War I as a reaction against contemporary industrial and practical ideals. 

Chinese carpets became highly popular and therefore more and more sought during the 1920s. The carpets fit perfectly in the Art Déco style with it’s Oriental motifs and the bright colors coming from the West. 

Déco Orientale Carpetvista