Design D’intérieur Chris Jenner Maison Deluxe 2017

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What the kardashians teach us about interior design
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Design D’intérieur Chris Jenner Maison Deluxe 2017

Having a big family means that the cookbook author must churn out even bigger meals; the larger-than-life task calls for two kitchen islands to make food prep manageable … and prettier.

“My dining room is one of my favorite rooms in my house,” Kardashian says of her modern yet comfortable eating area. “I use the space to entertain — it’s perfect for when I have the whole family over.” She even hosted the Kardashian-Jenner clan’s Christmas brunch here. 

Picture-perfect is one way to describe Jenner’s lush living room, which features cozy seating in champagne and olive shades.

Kourtney Kardashian has an eye for interior design, as her stylish California home more than proves. From her living room that she says is not built for comfort, to her (literally) out of this world kids’ decor, here are all the spaces she’s shared of her pretty pad.

Possibly the most casual room in Jenner’s six-bedroom, eight-bathroom mansion, her office stays current, with stylish geometric patterns on her carpet and chairs. yet it’s also functional, with office must-haves on display.

“My pantry where we keep all the dried goods is one of my favorite rooms in the house, lol!” Kardashian admits of the walk-in space that sports floor to ceiling shelves and a moody green wall color.

Kardashian’s home boasts plenty of new products, but the most meaningful items are those that incorporate sentimental nods to her loved ones. A bookshelf with law books and a pair of shoes gifted from Elton John, both belonging to her late father, Robert Kardashian, serves as one example. “They are so special,” she says.

In case you had any doubt, here’s proof that style most certainly runs in the family

Even her backyard makes a splash! The area was revamped with entertaining in mind and was also the site of Jenner’s 58th birthday party.

Family dinner night never looked so good, thanks to these lavish chairs and a trio of chandeliers that Andrews took from other areas of the house.

Yes, you read that right! The multitasking manager’s most personal space includes a makeup room as well as a wardrobe room.

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Unlike her living space, the guest room was crafted to be ultra-cozy for her friends and family. Because she didn’t want it to be “an afterthought,” she layered it with thoughtful details like vintage rugs, luxe bedding and even nightstands gifted from mom Kris Jenner. According to her app, she always puts out, “fresh robes, bath towels, extra blankets and bottled water” for her visitors, as well. Why? “So it has a hotel vibe,” obviously.

In her youngest son Reign’s room, Kardashian has incorporated her own plush safari for the two-year-old to enjoy. A vintage airplane on the wall above his bed was a special gift from older brother, Mason. “When we moved, he wanted to give it to Reign, so we mounted it on the wall,” she writes on her site.

Kardashian’s son Mason, 7, is “really into Star Wars so he and I created a room filled with glow-in-the-dark elements and lots of star motifs,” she says. Constellation wallpaper (found by Bullard), a high-shine chrome dresser and bunkbeds for sleepovers make this the ultimate kids’ room.

Another family room off of the kitchen hosts an L-shape sectional where, Bullard says, “Everybody could mound on the sofa and watch TV.” Kardashian has to be very careful with her fabric choices though. “She’s the only person that does the most hilarious fabric tests,” the interior designer shares. “She’ll get a piece of the fabric and rub it all over her face and then rub it on her neck to see if she’ll be allergic to it.”

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Kardashian keeps her kids’ rooms looking neat by instituting a give and take on toys. “One thing I’ve always wanted to make sure the kids know is that not everyone in the world has toys and it’s important to give something away whenever they want something new,” she says.

Daughter Penelope’s space couldn’t be sweeter. A blush color scheme, soft fabric, a neon “Love Me” sign handed down from Kardashian’s own bedroom, and a vintage lucite clothing rack for the four-year-old’s dolls make it the room of every little girl’s dreams. “Toys can be chic, too!” the mom of three says.

How does the Keeping Up with the Kardashians keep calm? Perhaps by retreating to her soothing master bedroom, which is decorated in neutrals and metallics, with silk, cashmere and fine wool accents.

“I find if I love the space I’m in, I get a lot of work done — which is why I always pay special attention to the decor of my home office,” Kardashian writes in a post on her app. Books organized by color lighten up the dark walls for a space that captures what she calls a “work hard, play hard” aesthetic.

Now that’s how you make an entrance! Interior designer Jeff Andrews helped the Kardashian-Jenner matriarch add a touch of sophisticated glamour to her Hidden Hills, Calif., home with a bold, black-and-white checkered floor and contemporary chandelier.

Although most living rooms serve as spots to kick back on the couch, Kardashian, 37, designed hers with her inner hostess in mind. “This isn’t really a comfort room,” she writes in a post on her website. “It’s more of a party and entertaining space.” The proudly displayed piano was a gift from mom, Kris Jenner. “I took piano lessons on this exact piano, so it’s very sentimental to me,” she says.”

Her kitchen, however, is just the opposite. “Everyone’s always in the kitchen. So it was important the kitchen be a comfortable space,” interior designer to the Kardashian family Martyn Lawrence Bullard reveals.

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