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idee interieur maison design Ishigami Architecture

idee interieur maison design Ishigami Architecture

Invisible architecture junya ishigami freddie lawther medium
Iwan baan
Studio maks and junya ishigami create three pronged visitor centre for dutch park
House for a young couple in tokyo junya ishigami
Junya ishigami how small how vast how architecture
Buildings japanese architect junya ishigami
Junya ishigami architect
Laurian ghinitoiu captures dreamlike nature of junya ishigamis work at fondation cartier in paris
Photograph of house and restaurant physical model junya ishigami associates
The updated design for cloud arch by junya ishigami
Ja u junya ishigami how small how vast how architecture grows
Junya ishigamis art biotop project of a water garden in tochigi japan opens
Ishigami at fondation cartier
Junya ishigami another scale of architecture horizon toyota municipal museum of art
Kait workshop kanagawa japan architect junya ishigami architects kait workshop
Vijversburg visitor center
Ishigami proximity to nature
The japanese junya ishigami is the winner of the fifth edition of the bsi swiss architectural award an international architecture award sponsored by the
Ja u junya ishigami how small how vast how architecture grows

junya ishigami – how small? how vast? how architecture grows#architecture

Ochoalcubo (Eight-Cubed) is a pioneering project in Chile that seeks to unite leading Chilean and Japanese practices with ground-breaking architecture. The collaborative enterprise was started by Eduardo Godoy, a design impresario who began working in Chile in the 1980s and who has always been a strong advocate for innovative design and architecture in the country. For a nation that boasts more than forty individual schools of architecture, the ever growing number of professionals seems to have had a relatively small impact on Chilean cities. Faced with the seemingly infinite landscape of ‘cookie-cutter housing’ in the suburbs, Godoy implemented Ochoalcubo in order to provide opportunities for young professionals, alongside fostering a new kind of appreciation for the profession itself. With a large number of architects having taken part in the first stage, including Smiljan Radic (designer of the 2014 Serpentine Pavilion), the third and fourth stage of what is certainly one of the world’s largest active architectural laboratories will be launched in the coming days.

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Gunseli Yalcinkaya | 10 April 2018 | Leave a comment Studio Maks and Junya Ishigami create three-pronged visitor centre for Dutch park David Basulto

Dezeenwire: the Golden Lion award winners at the Venice Architecture Beinnale were announced at a ceremony on Saturday. The Kingdom of Bahrain was awarded for the best National Participation, while Junya Ishigami + Associates received the Golden Lion for best project in the Exhibition People meet in Architecture. See press release below. More

ArchDaily Interviews: The role of the Architect at the Audi Urban Future Initiative

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junya ishigami (20 articles)venice architecture biennale 2010 (69 articles)

amongst junya ishigami’s new furniture designs is ‘family’ chair, an ironic, distorted revisitation of an archetype.

Urban Think Tank (Sao Paulo, Brazil) NODE Architecture & Urbanism (Perl River Delta, China) Höweler + Yoon (Bostong / Washington, USA) CRIT (Mumbai, India) Superpool (Istanbul, Turkey) Junya Ishigami + Associates (Tokyo, Japan)

just weeks before the first major solo exhibition – dedicated to the work of  junya ishigami – at the fondation cartier pour l’art contemporain opened, junya ishigami took designboom around his office in roppongi, tokyo.

architecture in japan (454 articles)junya ishigami (20 articles)

Video: KAIT (Kanagawa Institute of Technology) by Junya Ishigami + Associates

Photographer Edmund Sumner has sent us these photographs of the Kait workshop at Kanagawa Institute of Technology in Japan by Junya Ishigami Architects. More

Amy Frearson | 21 July 2014 | 8 comments Junya Ishigami envisions “beautiful mountain range” for Kinmen ferry terminal

Renzo Piano and ELEMENTAL Among 8 Finalists in Qatar’s Art Mill International Design Competition

Japanese architect Junya Ishigami has created an installation of chairs wearing crocheted clothes at Interieur 2010 in Kortrijk, Belgium. More

designboom: what is the best moment of the day? just before going to sleep. I can finally relax from the day, have a peace of mind.

the display reveals the japanese architect’s research into freedom, fluidity, and the future of architecture.

junya ishigami designs house for a young couple in tokyo#architecture

venice architecture biennale 08: japanese pavilion#architecture

Laurian Ghinitoiu gives us a glimpse inside the exhibition ahead of the opening day tomorrow. His photos reveal the lightness and ethereal quality of Ishigami’s hand. Alison Furuto

architecture in japan (454 articles)architecture in tokyo (48 articles)

Twenty architectural models by Japanese architect Junya Ishigami have gone on show at Fondation Cartier in Paris. In a Dezeen exclusive, exhibition curator Isabelle Gaudefroy reveals her five highlights from the show. More

working alongside architect junya ishigami, a series of ceramic origami forms are created by casting porcelain into different types of paper.

the installation, ‘picnic’ by japanese designer and architect junya ishigami is a mise-en-scene of his furniture ‘drop table’, ‘garden plate’ and ‘family chair’, all produced by the italian company living divani …in a ‘light and white’ world, where dreams and reality meet. junya ishigami is guest of honor of the interieur 2010 in kortrijk, belgium. David Basulto

reflecting the surrounding cherry blossom trees onto its transparent façade, the flexible volume blurs its edges between its various programs, and also the connection between the inside and outside world.

From March 30 to June 10, 2018, the Fondation Cartier pour l’art contemporain will host Junya Ishigami’s exhibition, Freeing Architecture. This is the first major solo exhibition that the Fondation Cartier in Paris has devoted to an architect, and fitting that it would lend itself to an important and singular figure of Japan’s young architecture scene. Keshia Badalge

“The sky above Basel, the city and its surroundings–those are the landscapes of my youth,” said Zumthor. “It is heart-warming to be able to design a major building here.”

News: Japanese architect Junya Ishigami has been named as the winner of a competition to design a ferry terminal for the Taiwanese island of Kinmen. More

Above is a video by Vincent Hecht, an architect and filmmaker in France, which highlights the KAIT (Kanagawa Institute of Technology) by Junya Ishigami + Associates. The video is part of a new collection of architecture movies about Japanese architecture. With the relaxing and calming music in the background, you are able to place yourself in the amazing studio and workspace where students get to spend their days designing.

reflecting the surrounding cherry blossom trees onto its transparent façade, the flexible volume blurs its edges between its various programs, and also the connection between the » Karissa Rosenfield

renzo piano, emre arolat + elemental among finalists for doha art mill project#architecture

Here’s a movie about the almost invisible installation by Japanese architect Junya Ishigami that’s on show at the Barbican art gallery in London. More

Laurian Ghinitoiu Captures Dreamlike Nature of Junya Ishigami’s Work at Fondation Cartier in Paris

junya ishigami is a japanese architect born in kanagawa prefecture in 1974. from 2000 to 2004, ishigami worked with kazuyo sejima at SANAA, before establishing his own firm: junya.ishigami+associates.

Amy Frearson | 16 May 2014 | 2 comments Park Groot Vijversburg by Junya Ishigami + Associates and MAKS James Taylor-Foster

on a recent trip to tokyo, designboom visited the studio of japanese architect junya ishigami where we were able to get a closer look at the firm’s competition winning proposal for park groot vijversburg, set for completion later this year.

LEXUS design award 2013 porcelain origami by hitomi igarashi#design

junya ishigami coordinated an exhbition for lexus with the theme modern japanese art meets automotive design.

Anna Winston | 4 August 2014 | 3 comments Cloud building by Junya Ishigami team to provide floating landmark in Copenhagen harbour

Architect Junya Ishigami designed partitions with assorted curving shapes for the cloud-inspired interior of this nursery, located inside a high-rise in Atsugi, Japan (photos by Edmund Sumner + slideshow). More

Ultimate Dezeen Awards to be awarded for outstanding studios and projects Dezeen Awards 2018 architecture longlist announced Elongated skylight illuminates stables in Chile by Matias Zegers Architects Neons used to make Shoreline Waikiki “the most instagrammable hotel in Hawaii” Competition: win a Bigger Carry-On suitcase from Away Six buildings that create a buzz with honeycomb-patterned facades

junya ishigami’s ‘freeing architecture’ exhibition opens at fondation cartier#architecture

Rose Etherington | 22 October 2010 | 2 comments Golden Lion award winners announced at Venice Architecture Biennale

Ishigami – winner of the Golden Lion award at the Venice Biennale in 2010 – has instilled this conceptual body of work with his trademark flair: calm, free fluidity, with bright tones and playful curves. The projects in the exhibition range from large scale models to films and drawings, and when placed in the context of the exhibition, they bring to life Jean Nouvel’s iconic building as well.

Amy Frearson | 7 October 2015 | 4 comments Junya Ishigami and Tracey Emin design new public art for Sydney

tables made of glossy transparent perspex that showcase an optical lens effect.

junya ishigami (20 articles)milan design week 2010 (204 articles)

see the diverse and select list of firms who have been shortlisted for transforming the 898,787 sq. foot site into the vast art gallery.

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Japanese architects Junya Ishigami + Associates and Dutch studio MAKS have won a competition to co-design a visitor centre for a nineteenth century park in the north of the Netherlands. More

Discover sculptures from around the world via our new Pinterest board Latest Dezeen Weekly features a chainless bike and a house for a disabled dog Dezeen Jobs Highlights

junya ishigami and tracey emin to complete public artworks in sydney#art

Eduardo Godoy, a design impresario who started his business in Chile in the 80’s, has always been an advocate for design and architecture in the country. In Chile, more than 40 schools of architecture have flooded the market, but the ever growing number of professionals has had a relatively small impact on Chilean cities. Seeing the almost infinite landscape of cookie cutter housing in the suburbs, Godoy asked himself: why not break this model into smaller pieces, each designed by a particular architect, each an opportunity for a young professional? With this in mind, and to foster the appreciation for architects, Eduardo and his team at Interdesign started a project called “Ochoalcubo” (Eight-Cubed). His original idea was to make 8 projects, with 8 buildings designed each by 8 architects, to create developments where the singularity of each piece was key, in order to demonstrate how the individuality of the architect could result in good architecture.

designboom book reports (109 articles)junya ishigami (20 articles)

Amy Frearson | 20 February 2012 | 4 comments Junya Ishigami at the Barbican

Beyeler Foundation, 1997 / Renzo Piano Building Workshop. Image © Fran Parente

Sou Fujimoto and Yoshiharu Tsukamoto (Atelier Bow-Wow) at the Ochoquebradas site © Courtesy of Max Nuñez

junya ishigami: KAIT kanagawa institute of technology#architecture

Japanese and Chilean Architects Collaborate to Design Houses for the Ochoalcubo Project

on a recent trip to tokyo, designboom visited the studio of japanese architect junya ishigami where we were able to get a closer look at the firm’s competition winning proposal »

ishigami reveals twenty of his projects in asia and europe whilst researching into freedom, fluidity, and the future of architecture.

The culmination of an international competition for Kinmen County has resulted in five winning and honorable mention schemes that promise to use architecture as a means of elevating the county’s national identify as a maritime gateway. Responding to the need for expansion and the desire to establish the port as a tourism and recreation destination, the Kinmen Harbor Bureau challenged architects to a two-stage competition for an energy-smart, low-carbon, and possibly expandable port that could host a variety of passenger services.

The office of Peter Zumthor has been selected to design an expansion to the Beyeler Foundation, located just outside Zumthor’s childhood home of Basel, Switzerland. The Swiss architect was chosen from a prestigious shortlist of 11 firms to add to the existing museum building, designed by Renzo Piano Building Workshop and completed in 1997.

Rose Etherington | 18 August 2011 | 4 comments Picnic by Junya Ishigami

inverting the outside world onto the building’s interior, a miniature forest grows within the cuboid envelope, delineating a thin line between the garden sanctuary.

The first edition of this program took place in 2010, and included Alison Brooks Architects, BIG, Cloud 9, J. MAYER H. and standardarchitecture. You can see J. Mayer’s winning entry previously featured at ArchDaily. More info about the program after the break:

Rose Etherington | 31 August 2010 | Leave a comment Kait Workshop by Junya Ishigami Architects

News: pieces by Japanese architect Junya Ishigami, British artist Tracey Emin and Australian artist Hany Armanious will be the first three artworks installed as part of Sydney’s AUS$9 million City Centre Public Art Plan. More

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in addition to functioning as a port-of-call for chinese and international cruise operators, the project also provides recreational and retail activities.

Junya Ishigami Junya Ishigami’s architectural models feature in Fondation Cartier exhibition

interieur 2010 kortrijk (16 articles)junya ishigami (20 articles) Patrick Lynch

Last week we went to Ingolstadt, Germany, to attend the launch of the Audi Urban Future Initiative. The program, now in its second version, invited a group of six architecture offices from different regions of the world, all with big urban populations, to think about the future of mobility. During this stage, the architects presented their initial research and diagnosis of their respective regions. In October, the architects will present their projects and an overall winner will be announced.

See images from all sixteen proposals from third and fourth stages of the Ochoalcubo project, including those by SANAA, Sou Fujimoto, Kengo Kuma, Alejandro Aravena and Atelier Bow Wow, after the break.

junya ishigami wins golden lion for best project at the venice biennale#architecture

junya ishigami + studio MAKS to curve visitor center through park vijversburg#architecture

dividing the corner site into two volumes, the structure gently curves towards its peak, only to drop away dramatically on the other side.

ishigami tapers yohji yamamoto gansevoort street store NY#architecture

junya ishigami’s art biotop project of a water garden in tochigi, japan opens#architecture

Ali Morris | 16 August 2017 | 1 comment Junya Ishigami creates nursery with cloud-shaped walls inside a high-rise block

designs for three new artworks have been unveiled by the city of sydney, intended to breathe life into the central business district.

Peter Zumthor Selected to Design Beyeler Foundation Expansion

just weeks before the first major solo exhibition – dedicated to the work of  junya ishigami – at the fondation cartier pour l’art contemporain opened, junya ishigami took »

the installation, ‘picnic’ by japanese designer and architect junya ishigami is a mise-en-scene of his furniture ‘drop table’, ‘garden plate’ and ‘family chair’, all produced by »

architecture interviews (120 articles)junya ishigami (20 articles)

junya ishigami shows ‘freeing architecture’ at fondation cartier in paris#architecture

Qatar Museums has announced a shortlist of eight finalists that will move on to the third and final stage of the Art Mill International Design Competition in Doha. On a site extending into the Arabian Sea that was only recently occupied by Qatar Flour Mills, Art Mill will integrate gallery and exhibition space with facilities for education, events, conservation, art handling, and research. Joining the Museum of Islamic Art designed by I.M. Pei, and the still under-construction National Museum of Qatar, designed by Jean Nouvel, in the words of the competition brief, “Art Mill will and extend and intensify the cultural quarter being developed in Doha.”

a designboom book report of the exhibition catalog released by hatje cantz.

junya ishigami wins port of kinmen passenger service center contest#architecture Vladimir Gintoff

During the event, we had the chance to talk with the architects and ask them about the role of the Architect in our contemporary society.

junya ishigami creates paper thin chairs that can support the weight of a sitting person.

First Prize: Junya Ishigami + Associates (Japan). Image Courtesy of Kinmen Harbor Bureau

‘architecture as air: study for château la coste’ explores a new form of transparency that goes beyond the density and opacity of a building’s structural components.

Three intersecting glass corridors sweep outwards from a sunken, triangular-shaped visitors centre designed by Studio Maks and Junya Ishigami + Associates for Park Vijversburg in the Netherlands. More

News: Junya Ishigami and Svendborg Architects have won a competition to design a “symbol of peace” for Copenhagen’s harbour with plans for a monumental cloud-like building with a boating lake inside. More

Ishigami Architecture