Lit Combine Fille

April 21, 2018 1:20 am by ramsaystirling
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Lit Combine Fille

~/file01 ~/file02 ~/file03 ~/file04 ~/fileA ~/fileB ~/fileC ~/fileD

I am new to python and have only started working with files. I am wondering how to combine the data of two files into one list using list comprehension to read and combine them.

cat ~/file01 ~/file02 ~/file03 ~/fileA ~/fileB ~/fileC > merged-file

find /path/to/directory/ -name *.csv -print0 | xargs -0 -I file cat file > merged.file

comlist =[line in open(‘galaxies.txt’) and line in open(‘cycles.txt’)]

Although leaving files open like that isn’t generally considered a good practice.

# file 1 a = “in_file” # file 2 b = “in_file2″ f = lambda x,y: (open(x, ‘r’),open(y, ‘r’)) # replacing ” ” with an empty string data = [k for k in map(lambda” “,””), f(a,b))] print(data)

Note that last line write also merge.txt (not wmerge.txt!). You can use w”merge.txt” to avoid confusion with the file name, and -n for silent output.

Of course, you can also shorten the file list with wildcards. For instance, in case of numbered files as in the above examples, you can specify the range with braces in this way:

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import fileinput with fileinput.input(files=(‘galaxies.txt’, ‘cycles.txt’)) as f: comlist = f.readlines()

If its only 2 files why do you want to use comprehension together? Something like this would be easier:

actually has the undesired side-effect of including ‘merged-file’ in the concatenation, creating a run-away file. To get round this, either write the merged file to a different directory;

If you want to combine them one after the other, use “+” for concatenation:

If your files aren’t in the same directory, you can use the find command before the concatenation:

However, it’s not a good practice to leave an opened files like this way.

import itertools as it filePointers = map(open, fileList) lines = it.chain(filePointers) map(close, filePointers)

#for instance line 1 of galaxies = I #line 1 of cycles = 0 #output = [IO] (list)

If you want to combine them by alternating the lines, use zip and comprehension:

This is technically what cat (“concatenate”) is supposed to do, even though most people just use it for outputting files to stdout. If you give it multiple filenames it will output them all sequentially, and then you can redirect that into a new file; in the case of all files just use * (or /path/to/directory/* if you’re not in the directory already) and your shell will expand it to all the filenames

You can specify the pattern of a file then merge all of them as follows:

sed -n p 1.txt 2.txt 3.txt > merge.txt # -n is mandatory here

If you want to strip end of line characters a good way is with line.rstrip(‘ ‘).

The question is, what if you had n files? lets say in a list … fileList = [‘f1.txt’, ‘f2.txt’, … , ‘fn.txt’]. Then you may consider itertools.chain

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I’ve got 14 files all being parts of one text. I’d like to merge them into one. How to do that?

However it is bad practice to leave files open and hope the GC cleans it up. You should really do something like this:

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for i in file0{1..3} file{A..C}; do cat ~/”$i”; done > merged-file

You need two iterations here because the return value from zip is itself an iterable, in this case consisting of two lines, one from f1 and one from f2. You can combine two iterations in a single comprehension as shown.

[line for file in (open(‘galaxies.txt’), open(‘cycles.txt’)) for line in file]

Very useful when your files are already ordered and you want to merge them to analyze them.

#from itertools import chain def chainer(*iterables): # chain(‘ABC’, ‘DEF’) –> A B C D E F for it in iterables: for element in it: yield element comlist = list(chainer(open(‘galaxies.txt’), open(‘cycles.txt’))) print(comlist)

find /path/to/directory/ -name *.csv -exec cat {} + > merged.file

comlist = [mylist.append(gline[i]+cline[i]) for i in range(r)]

comlist = [line for two_lines in zip(f1, f2) for line in two_lines]

[l for l in open(‘galaxies.txt’)]+[l for l in open(‘cycles.txt’)]

List.Combine(list as list) as list ArgumentsArgumentDescriptionlistThe List of lists to merge.ExampleList.Combine({ {1, 2, 3, 4}, {5, 6, 7}, {8, 9} }) equals {1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9}

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