Luxoria Luxury Renovations French Rivieraluxoria Décorateur D

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Miroir design et plan de travail en marbre dans une salle de bain décorée par luxoria
Bureau présidentiel chahan minassian
Luxoria Luxury Renovations French Rivieraluxoria Décorateur D

The Luxoria Paris’s team, during its various realizations around the world, has developed its skills as an

With a team of professional interior design architects, we are able to answer any type of request.

Where can you find a more multicultural expression than in the food ? Designers to make a match with it and the restaurant decoration to express their art.

Luxoria offers the services of its interior architects for the implementation of your projects, whether for a renovation or for a creation, for an individual or a professionals. Our interior architect experts will be at your side to accompany you to every step of your projects.

Art in general and interior decoration have always been intimately linked, especially in a city like Paris where many artists have found refuge throughout history and have contributed to enrich the creative stock of the French capital. They create the most elegant bathrooms through the oriental style and the best kitchens who describe a perfect moment of share particulary in a family.

All these influences from all over the world have made Paris a privileged place, where renowned thinkers, philosophers, artists and architects have met. A true melting pot of art and culture.

Paris is at the heart of the world’s decor trends. Varied fairs and events, interior design and decor is always being spoken off, especially in Paris.

As we strive to represent as faithfully as possible your ideas and your desires, our interior architects will build with you a project that will resemble you and will discuss with you the key moments of the realization of your interior design and

The French interior designers have a good reputation throughout the world for their culture of “savoir-vivre” and the team of Luxoria does not deviate from that rule. A cosmopolitan team composed of very different personalities from all four corners of the globe, Luxoria’s designers have one thing in common: their requirement for excellence and things well done. This culture and the constant search for  excellence, makes the Luxoria team highly competent in the domain of interior design and their longing to create remarkable interiors in modern, contemporary and more classical style.

Established in Paris and on the French Riviera, Luxoria is enriched by these two very different environments each one carrying with them a typical history and approach to style. Bjarni Breidfjord likes to take the best of both to offer his clients depending on location and type of property.

After the French Riviera, Luxoria decided to settle in Paris, as it is one of the most favorable cities in the world for interior architects. Paris is an inspiration for many interior architects at Luxoria.

Focus On Interior Design in Paris Interior Decoration in Paris Interior Architect in Paris Interior Designer in Paris Luxury Renovation in Paris Interior Decoration on the French Riviera The trend of interior design

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It is this invaluable heritage that interior designers have to preserve and enrich. To work in  interior decoration in the in the French capital is to take the responsibility to give the best of oneself while bringing permanently an innovative aspect that will bring a corner stone to the edifice of Parisian architecture.

A decorative style is the theme that unifies the interior and the overall decor.

Yet choosing an interior that resembles us may seem a difficult choice, especially when we know how much it influences our lives, everyone knows that an orderly and well-arranged house allows one to have a calm mind, in the same way, a house that is properly disposed, resembles us and that is harmoniously decorated will provide an ideal living space to flourish on a personal and emotional level.

Luxoria, spécialiste de la rénovation de maisons, d’appartements et de villas depuis 2007, vous propose l’intervention de ses experts en architecture et décoration d’intérieur sur Paris, Monaco, Nice, Cannes, Cap-Ferrat, Cap d’Antibes et Mougins. Notre sélection de professionnels vous garantira le meilleur service de la conception jusqu’à la réalisation de vos projets d’architecture en rénovation ou en construction. Depuis 2016, Luxoria propose avec succès ses services pour des projets d’hôtellerie en France et à l’étranger, avec des réalisations en Islande, au Royaume-Uni, et au Moyen Orient.

Parisians, whatever their origins or countries of birth, have the ability to innovate, to dare to create indoor spaces that are out of the ordinary and which are a reflection of their conception of the world, working in interior decoration in Paris is to have the taste for risk, profiting from the freedom this entails.

With particular love of style and elegance like in Parisian bedrooms, Luxoria offers a unique interior design parisian style that encourages the mixing of the old and modern and each piece complements another in perfect harmony.

We have the values to make only high quality products, our interior architects are specialized in renovation and luxury project.

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This spirit of freedom, which was for a long time peculiar to the so-called “city of lights”, is always present in the Parisian way of life, but also in the way they decorate their intimate space and their interiors. You can see an exemple by reading this article : Interior Hotel Decoration in Paris

Do not hesitate to consult the Luxoria team to discuss your needs.

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