Modern Villa Design Dubai

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R villa luxury architectural design dubai
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Modern Villa Design Dubai

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A variety of styles in which home design plans can be made, as well as the imagination and mastery of the designer will be able to implement any project. Our design studio is ready to assist you in designing your house, because home design plans is one of the areas in which we successfully work. Home design plans are created as follows. All space is divided into functional zones, each of which is formalized in its own way, but in the end everything is perceived as a whole together. To make such house design plans, you need to have a huge experience that we have. Interior design begins with the development of the plan, allocation of the main functional areas. As a rule, home design plans must include a hall, a living room, a kitchen, bedrooms, a dining room, utility rooms. Also, guest rooms, and game rooms are often designed. Everything depends on the needs and hobbies of the owners. Usually the interior design of houses consists of the development of plans for several floors. Here it is worth noting that the truly holistic design of the house will be if it is based on a single idea. Most important, thinking about the interior of the house, remember that here you have to live, and not only to demonstrate the result of the designer’s work rejoicing the compliments from friends and acquaintances. And this means that the design of the house must first of all be close and understandable to you. Only in this case you will get truly comfortable and cozy home

To make the project at a high level, we cooperate with the world’s leading factories that produce beautiful and practical furniture, lighting equipment, decorative items and other accessories. In most cases, these are design items produced by a limited party, and often presented in a single copy.

If you prefer a particular factory of furniture or accessories, then we will order products of this particular manufacture or we will develop furniture exclusively for you. It will be a unique thing, and it will be cheaper than ordering finished furniture from Italy, because We work directly with local craftsmen and factories.

Individual approach to each client is the basis of our work. First, we present you catalogs of excellently finished interior works, from which you can make your choice. After that, you will be informed of all essentials about your selected design and all possible conditions of the project. Focusing primarily, on the satisfaction of all your requirements and wishes.

Interior design in a modern style was designed by the studio Luxury Antonovich Design for one of the villas in Dubai. Amazing laconic interior adjusts to the serenity and pleasant stay in a comfortable environment. The villa design Dubai is full of spectacular solutions of talented interior designers. Living room and dining room are a complete image. And most importantly, the basis of this unity became a spectacular ceiling design. Daring design techniques give the house interior in Dubai originality and bright personality. The basis of the ceiling is an array of dark wood, which continues on one wall in the living room. To compensate for the dark color of the wood and give it a refined element of decoration visual lightness, interior designers use the line of LED backlighting and a snow-white edging of the element of decor with ceiling lights. Another effective method is a visual mirror image of soft sofas and coffee table in the living room. Light upholstery contrasts stylishly with dark paneling on the ceiling and parquet on the floor. Traditional chandelier in the interior is replaced with unique stylish lamps and sconces. The staircase leading to the second floor, elegantly dissolved in a cozy space, thanks to the railing made of transparent glass. House Design Dubai clearly repeats the tastes and preferences of home owners, their love of contemporary art and the desire to get a new experience in life. Interior Design Dubai becomes a kind of prophecy of the future in the design of the elite interiors.

For clients around the world, we offer the creation and execution of a turnkey villa interior drsign. We create drawings, 3D visualizations, and offer fit out execution. During the project we carry out the author’s supervision.

In general, our work consists of:

5. To get the cost of a design project or fit out execution?

Interior Design Luxury villa in Abuja by Luxury Antonovich Design

Customer satisfaction is our watchword in every project, from the development of the interior design to its successful implementation.

Villa Interior Design Exterior Design Landscape Design Construction Fit Out Customized Furniture, Delivery & Assembly Services Hotel Design Master Planning Construction & Consulting Office Design Bedroom Design Majlis Interior Design Living Room Design Marble Supply, Fixing, Polishing, Laser Engraving Customized Curtains Dining Room Design Master Bedroom Children’s Room Design Swimming Pool Design Sauna and Hamam Design Kitchen Design Bathroom Design Restaurant Design Flooring Design Smart home Dressing Room Design Cinema Home Apartment Interior Design Family Sitting Room Design Architecture Entrance Design Public Space Design Luxury House Plan Clinic Design

Development of an interior conceptCreation of 3D visualizationsDevelopment of all necessary project documentationBudgetingSelection of specialists who will execute all fit out worksFilling the house with all materials, decor, accessories, etc.

The bespoke luxury modern villa design is one of the main directions of our work. Your house can be executed by Spazio in Contemporary, Arabic or Mediterranean style, art deco, luxury classics and other styles.

In our portfolio you will see projects that are distinguished by luxury, thoughtful solutions, beauty and harmony.

The whole process from the beginning to the end will be planned and controlled by Spazio.

In addition to interior and exterior design of the villa, we can organize and decorate the residence territory: a berth for a yacht, a swimming pool, a golf course, helipad, parking and other facilities.

We are expert consultants in offering satisfactory services on house interior design in Dubai, turnkey solutions and the partial or total redevelopment of your premises. We are richly up-to-date with the latest trends in technology and creativity.

Choose property typeVilla (residential)ApartmentOfficeBeauty SalonRestaurant or Cafe

Our head office is based in Dubai, but we create first-class interior designs for clients all over the world. 

Everyone dreams about their own home, and especially about the beautiful home. The house should be neat with the outside and gorgeous inside. House designs inside the house can be of different styles and directions, but it should be very attractive. There are several rules for creating house designs. In order to create a unique and beautiful house designs, you need to harmoniously pick up all the elements of the future interior. Starting from the color of the walls and finishing with the style and color of furniture and decor elements, which add to interior design a certain chic. Such an element can be a fireplace in the living room made of stone. A huge carpet with an unusual pattern brought from exotic countries. It can be hung on the wall or place on the floor, depending on your idea. As many experts advise, to start creating a beautiful interior of a house, you must follow certain rules of house designs. When creating an interior, be sure to stick to one basic color, which will be the main one in your house designs. You also need to select an auxiliary color that will ideally match or contrast with the main color. And then a question arises. How to create a beautiful and decent interior in a house from two colors? The answer is simple for each color, there are tons of shades that you need to use and combine.

What makes the home warm and cozy? Of course — the original home design. The harmony in the house depends on the interior. How to make your own home a paradise, where every member of the family will feel comfortable? The task is not simple, especially if you do not have spatial thinking, are not very interested in novelties in the world of decor and technologies. To make your home original, comfortable, where there will be a place for rest, fun, work — not easy. To begin with, you should visualize the home design in all its details. The layout of the living space is the first necessity. How many floors will be in the house of your dreams?. How the living room will look, where the kitchen will be located, how to plan the bedrooms and organize the working area — all those questions are answered by those who think about the project of their own, private house. Home design is the creation of an integral space in a single ensemble, where the interests of all members of the family will be combined, and the functionality of the organization of the premises will be convenient for active children and busy adults and elderly people. Not always it is possible correctly to pick up colors for an interior, to buy stylish furniture, with taste to decorate adjacent spaces. In this case, it is better to contact the designer who will make several options for home design, help with the acquisition of necessary materials and interior items, give recommendations and will control the implementation of the project.

Spazio is one of the leading villa interior design companies in Dubai. Our designers and architects specialize in classic and modern villa designs, large and small residences. A wealth of experience, knowledge of technological innovations, your imagination and our exclusive design will make you house the most desirable place for recreation and residence.

You will be comfortable and comfortable living in a house made by the Spazio company.

Organization of the workFilling with furniture (included a selection of furniture, ordering and delivery from other countries, the development of customized furniture and choosing of the manufacturer)DecoratingAuthor’s supervisionPresentation of the completed villa design to you

At Luxury Antonovich Design, we are experts in the creation of exclusive styles in Dubai. Our completed Villa Interior Design projects are a combination of elegance, nobility, and unique atmosphere. We are extensively skilled in creating the in-house interior design in Dubai. Professionalism, originality, and creativity are the foundational keys to any project designed by Luxury Antonovich Design.

ChooseDesign-Project onlyExecution onlyBoth: Design-Project and Execution

“Spazio studio is high-class professionals: architects, designers and visualizers. Spazio specialists are very fond of their work and treat a project as if they were creating it for themselves,” the our client said.

Villas Modern Interior Design in UAE by Luxury Antonovich Design

Modern villa Al Ain Best interior designer Dubai Villa Interior Design in UAE

To create a coziness and comfort in your own home, where you return every day, where your loved ones and pets are waiting for you, every person aspires. Not everyone is able to do house design on their own. For this, there are interior designers who help us to translate our dreams into reality. The most successful acquisition in real estate is a private house. You can live there permanently, or you can come for a weekend with friends or for a family vacation. Far from the hustle and bustle of the city, in peace and quiet rest not only the body, but also mind. Proper rest helps to refresh your head and bring your thoughts in order. Modern house design allows you to create an interior for every taste. House design, it is a lot of stylish and fashionable trends, among which there are both unusual and a very bold, and vice versa classical or very conservative ideas. A country house means a big amount of square meters. Therefore, you will have much more space to realize your ideas in the house design interior. Accordingly, more efforts will be required considering that, in addition to harmoniously designed internal space, yours main task will be to combine the interior of a house with its exterior and landscape.

Modern Luxury Moroccan StyleModern villa interior design in DubaiNew villa design of 2018 in Abu DhabiWhat villa design projects includeTo get cost estimateDesign by Spazio in 2018 year

How to build a comfortable private house? Whatever your original idea, you absolutely need to order detailed house plans, developed by architects. Designing buildings and houses is a quite complex and multifaceted issue. Drawing up house plans require, at least, certain skills and knowledge in geometry and drawing. You will also need data on the features of the site where the construction is planned. Before starting work on the house design, think over certain points: for how many persons will live in the house, how many rooms and bathrooms you need to provide for, where the kitchen will be located, etc. Modern house plans developed by professional architects will make the construction and operation of the house economical and convenient. We always follow the new technologies in construction and apply the best of them. House plans for every taste are available to you on our website. The house of your dreams can be built in the shortest possible time. You will get an individual, exclusive project. You are sure to get a house project that you will like! 

Components of a villa interior design An individual concept, from which we create designs which embody the functionality and aesthetics of perfection. Well-organized lighting which helps to create emphasis on certain elements effectively.

Professional selection of colors, textures and finishing materials; which helps to accentuate the aristocracy and luxury of the internal beauty.

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