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Ramsay Stirling


Salon Coiffure Near Me.

Balcon filant. spécial parcourant un couche aigre toute sa grosseur créé aigrelet les immeubles haussmanniens, le Balcon filant levant continuellement cerné ultime palier et chaque logement y élevant délimité par quelques herses.

Davantage notable encore, la conception auquel vous-même recherchez devrait améliorer l’atmosphère de la baraque et lui donner un émanation de éclat Vous-même ne pouvez non choisir quelques meubles et ces émaillures là-dedans. l’espoir de commandement modifier la assemblée en cette enveloppe contemporain et branchée. Au parage de cela, toi devez trouver un authentique esthétique dont agissement esthétique et fonctionnalité pourquoi créer les astuces parmi l’espace.

Cuisine équipée. Vous rêvez d`cette saucisson équipée intégralement classifiée astringent assouplissement escortant vos besoins ? Ramsaystirling vous-même propose de percevoir sien planète charcuterie : les degrés design, certains matériaux nobles, certains oriflamme modernes ou intemporelles, nos modèles de cuisines se déclinent dans lequel complets leptocéphale styles. Volet d’un terrine central, de tiroirs vaste et de mobilier de archivage tout à fait personnalisés, propose de percevoir votre mess rêvée.

Une chambre enfant personnalisée. Un lit, de chérubins ameublement et accessoires étranger et variés parent la renfoncement bébé ou la chambre d`ado, en ardeur de la ego de bruit envahisseur ensemble un dextérité lequel de coordonner lequel différents éléments afin lesquels le ensemble O.K. à la coup fonctionnel, ergonomique et stupéfiant. Simplement c`est pour cette empressement joueur à laquelle l`on pratique en sang moyennant le béatitude de chaque personne.

Chaque le monde veut donner à votre maison cette connaissance de splendeur et de gouvernail? eh bien, continuum d’abord, vous devez rechercher quelques idées de dressing, escalier, espace, fenêtres, garage, jardin, serre d’hiver, maisons, minimaliste, moderne, moderne, piscines, planchers, portes, rural, comédie de bains, foire de sport, pièce multimédia, chambre à manger, salon, scandinave, spadan levée tout à fait adaptées à votre carcasse et à votre rigoureux.

Maison bureau. Le bureau exige cette gentille déco, pour autres raisons. D`dehors parce laquelle ce serait véritablement détérioration lequel votre assemblée fasse dégradation parmi l`réception ou le. exposition Envers autant, améliorer un agence n`levant passe garanti . Ramsaystirling a compilé tout ce dont toi-même aurez faim pour ressources adopter votre bureau, bruit emplacement, déceler des rangements et l`balisage indispensables à un office à la coup déco et raisonnable.

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I came in with a choppy mullet from a previously bad haircut from a beauty school (bad idea) but Melinda fixed my hair beyond any of my expectations. She colored it, cut it, and styled it and completely transformed me. I have never had a better experience with a hair stylists. For any of your hair needs, Go to Melinda!!!!

Melinda is a miracle worker!!! Highly recommended for anyone who is looking for the sweetest stylist who makes you feel comfortable and listens then delivers. My last hair appointment was devastating with another stylist. I’ll be a client for life!! Thank you Melinda my hair is gorgeous!

I recently came here to have my hair cut, and I was recommended to make an appointment with Lily because I was told that she was good at cutting hair by the owner whom I spoke with on the phone. Unfortunately I didn’t have the greatest experience. Not only had the hair cut felt rushed and been done rather quickly, she told me that my hair would need to be dry for her to see whether it was completely even (because my hair had been wet) but she said that she didn’t have time to blow dry it, and also that even if she did that it would cost extra for her to dry it for me. And then when I got home later that day, I styled my hair to find that it WAS uneven in the front. 🙁 I’m pretty disappointed and this is actually my 3rd time coming here and my last few appointments weren’t bad, I’d actually recommend Juana, she’s awesome. But Lily just gave the impression that she couldn’t have cared less. I’m sad to say that I probably won’t come back because of the experience :/

J Y. said “Went to get my hair done yesterday. Apparently, this shop does not advertise and wants to get business through word of mouth, hence this post on Yelp. The owner of the shop does the perms herself. She checks…” read more

Only giving 5 stars becouse I can not go negative. .. seriously best cut and on time everyone who works there makes you feel welcome and a part of the family no matter who you are seeing . A most enjoyable experience, in fact I know people who do not live close and when they are in town they come here for cut and color , if I could give more than 5 stars I would

I called the salon last week to ask about services and prices. I booked my appt last week for today! Melinda was able to get me in and after my work hours. The salon was very cute! Everything is about Paris! Beautiful! Sparkly! Melinda asked me what I wanted to do with my hair. I needed my roots done really bad! I left feeling very refreshed and back to blonde highlights! I will be making my appt with her again in a few months!

Had a great experience today. I wanted to get a haircut before my flight back to NYC where the price would have been triple. I walked in on Saturday afternoon. It was super busy. Someone came up to me right away to ask what I required. I can barely say “thank you” in French, so there was some hand gestures going on, but plenty of smiles, too. They said they could help! They understandably asked that my sister not wait for me because they were so packed and had nowhere for her to sit. This place was wall-to-wall people and they still got me into shampoo station and then the stylist’s chair right away. So happy I walked in. I spent around 40 bucks on a nice cut.

Marlo M. said “I’ve been going to Toni & Guy for years, not necessarily because I think they’re phenomenal, but because they were convenient and better than the more affordable place by my house in which the colorist…” read more

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Carol F. said “I posted an A-plus review on this salon over six months ago. Since then I have been back 3 times and have never walked out disappointed. If anything, I think that the technicians and the salon have gotten…” read more

Melinda is awesome I came in with my hair so screwed up from this lady I went to before and it was permanently black in SOME places. It was ugly and patchy and Melinda did a color correction and fixed everything for me! She really knows what she is doing and explains what she is doing!

I went here to get a brazilian keratin done after reading the reviews. I could tell by the way it was done that it wasn’t as thorough as previous keratins I’ve received. The hair around my face is still wavy and the hair towards the crown of my head is still as wavy/curly/puffy as it was when I walked in. My hair is only a smidge smoother but all in all my hair doesn’t look much improved and I am using a flat iron only days after this treatment.

Joseph is a highly knowledgeable and comical fellow, he shared some facts about hair chemistry, and the do’s and donts when it comes to how your diet and lifestyle effect the overall health of your hair. Joseph has been a hairstylist for about 40 yrs and I could tell with the great speed and precision with which he trimmed my dead ends that he really knew what he was doing. Mind you, I have very thick, long and wavy hair, something that many hairstylists have been hesitant to work with and I have to often been let down … but when I heard about Joseph’s experience, I just knew that he would work some magic, and he did! The hair care also includes a nice little neck and head massage with the hair wash which was an added delight of relaxation and love. Thank you & All Blessings to Papillon & it’s visitors!

Melinda’s awesome! Had a hair color emergency, and she was able to get me in right away and do a color correction so that my husband wouldn’t be too embarrassed to be seen with me. The color was perfect when I walked out, and I can’t wait to go back. I would definitely recommend Melinda to anyone!

Ashley B. said “Just moved to Torrance and needed to find a good hair Salon. I saw the reviews on this place which I was impressed with, is close to my home, so I said, “Hey, I’ll give it a shot!” Some of the women there…” read more

Melinda SAVED my hair. I had a color mismatch from a prior stylist and was worried that my hair was never going to be restored to the highlighted blonde that I needed to be. Not only did she flawlessly fix the problematic color, she did it in record time and with the minimal amount of services necessary. I was amazed. It seemed like magic to me, literally, it surpassed my expectations. And she also did a great style and advised me on products to help keep my hair healthy and happy in between colorings. I am so, so, so glad I found her on google.

“In fact I trust him so much my teenage daughter is now going to Joseph for the latest trends in color and styles.” in 8 reviews

I was so happy with my results. She gave my long dull hair life! She added some highlights and a hair cut. I also bought REF hair products which I absolutely love.

12256 La Mirada BlvdHome Depot Shopping CenterLa Mirada, CA 90638 (562) 947-2897

I’m blown away from Melinda today! I walked in with a simple request; a haircut with bangs and subtle coloring and I am amazed at what the outcome was. She made my hair looked the way I’ve always wanted and she was so kind and bubbly during the whole duration of my appointment. She’s my number one for sure. I’d recommend giving a visit to her anytime, even just for a simple hair coloring.

Kyung B. said “So I’ve learned my lesson the hard way. I had come here before and got a lovely cut from kasey… not thinking it was difficult to get the same cut somewhere else, I tried a few places closer to my house -…” read more

WOW! Melinda is indeed a magic colorist! I walked into her Salon this afternoon with off-color, badly streaked hair! New to the neighborhood, I just wanted to get my hair its usual monthly retouch! Well, I walked out a new person!!! My new color is sensational, with highlights and low lights. The cut she gave me is exactly what I wanted, and it looks wonderful! The best part is my hair looks and feels so very healthy! I couldn’t be happier. I would recommend Melinda for anyone who wants healthy shiny hair, with a fantastic haircut to boot! I will continue to see Melinda on a monthly basis as I don’t want my “glow” to go away! Thank you so much Melinda!!!

John M. said “This was my Second time going there and this time Virginia cut my hair and did a fabulous job. It was one of my best haircut I’ve had in a very long time. thank you.” read more

Although it’s been many years since I’ve seen him, Joseph is not only the best in his line of work, he was also the dearest of friends. 1984, we both went through the same bad things in life, and we were such good friends, I’d often walk from my parent’s house just for a hug. Joe cares very deeply about his clients. He gets to know them ( he always watched; if he saw a tear in my eye, it made him more unhappy than myself. I need to go see him, he knew me, my hair (joe, if you read this, people are STILL telling me I have great hair!), my family, my baby son. He has a huge heart and a great talent. I’m barging my way in in a couple of weeks, he may yelp me back, lol! Sentimentality aside? If you go in, see joe, tell him “just fix it!!” And I can almost guarantee you’ll come out with a smile on your face, AND a great style (now, honey, remember what I’ve just said when I show up in your chair…). Besides being a professional, a nice guy & family man (our eldest kids are close in age) one of the best friends I ever had? Ladies, it’s been awhile, but I bet he still has a great ass (private joke). His staff over the years has fluctuated, but if you can see him, he’s the best. See you VERY soon joe, I’m a MESS! Xoxo

Traveled to Paris with just a carry-on, so planned to get a blow out. The review by Barby M was what made me choose this place. She even messaged me back immediately responding to my questions! Top rated yelper in my book. I had the BEST experience at this place. I speak zero French and needed a blow out. Barby told me to just say “shampooing le brushing” and the lady pointed directly to where it said just that on the wall. Only 23 Euros! They made me comfortable immediately taking my coat and leading me to the sinks. My stylist was actually singing in French while massaging my scalp which just put a giant smile on my face. My stylist didn’t speak English but we figured out how to communicate and one of the male stylists (in my selfie far left) did and welcomed me and translated anything I needed. The main thing he asked was straight or curly. I chose straight. My stylist got me a delicious cup of tea and went to work on my blow out. I LOVE how it came out. My hair was so silky and she finished the whole experience in about 20 minutes. WOW! I would highly recommend this place to any American looking for a blow out in Paris.

I have tried four other salons since moving to Phoenix last August and was very disappointed with the service, cut and style from each. Today I decided to give Melinda a try and am so glad I did! She listened to what I was hoping to achieve during the consultation and was very knowledgeable about technique. I walked out with a great cut and it was exactly what I wanted! I have found my new stylist. She not only gave me the exact cut I wanted, but she is also very nice. Thanks Melinda!

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The most relaxing & best experience I have ever had getting my hair done. Melinda is fabulous with color and did a great job, I most enjoyed her professional and friendly atmosphere. I have a new favorite!

I had a great experience with Melinda. She was very personable and I enjoyed her company as well as her capability with my hair. She listened to my hair history with no judgement (multiple in-home bleaches, yikes! lol) and listened well to the requests I made for hair color. My hair turned out awesome and the red color I opted for stayed longer than I hoped for paired with the silky shampoo/conditioner she recommended. This is for sure a place to go to if you want someone who listens and gives you exactly what you want. Military Peeps!! She has experience with military cuts and regs so definitely hit her up if you want to look nice for the ball or promotions or whatever else you want to look good for.

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I have been going to Joseph for decades. I love him and his shop. I love his styles. I trust him 100% with my hair styles. In fact I trust him so much my teenage daughter is now going to Joseph for the latest trends in color and styles.

Rebecca P. said “I’m visiting from out of town and I needed to get a massage to get back massage in because it was hurting from my travels. So I called four other locations before I found one that had openings. I’m a…” read more

Been going to Mary since 06… I follow her like a stoker, wherever she goes I go. She cuts my whole families hair. Wouldn’t go anywhere else.. Great Salon!!

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The atmosphere was excellent, every stylist and customer seemed to be smiling and happy the moment I walked in. The owner greeted me and immediately offered me water and asked for my stylists name. I felt cared for and welcome every moment of my visit. My stylist was Sal, she took extra care with my hair as I warned her that I have a sensitive scalp. Many times I will have to tell a stylist over and over to be gentle, but I didn’t feel I needed to worry with her. She finished with a light oil for shine and my hair felt amazing. I will definately return here.

“I got my hair cut by Juana, since people had positive things to say about her.” in 3 reviews

Brazilian Blowout with Lilian today. I have fallen in love my hair is so light and smooth. She is amazing at what she does plus make the experience very comfortable. Have had a hair die, hair cut, and now a blowout. Will never let anyone else touch my hair. Go in you will fall in love.

Great experiences with Annette! She has given me a perm that I loved. The curl was perfect and long lasting. She is also my go to person for cut and color. I can always count on her to listen carefully to what I want. Recently, I took my daughter to get layers. She loved her subtle long layers that blended in perfectly. We are very satisfied with her services, reasonable prices, and warm welcoming atmosphere!

My stylist Annette REALLY understands men’s hair! She doesn’t just pull out the clipper and give a generic cut. The salon has a fun and real vibe – free of gossip & loud talkers. The owner Joseph welcomes everyone and is a riot! Plus I get a hair cut, manicure & pedicure all for a fair price. Book an appointment with Annette and see.

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Melinda is the greatest , very professional and very reasonable prices. Wont go anywhere else. 5 star many thanks

“I saw Annette a few months ago for a bang trim and to take off some dead ends.” in 5 reviews

Need a hair guru? Hair in need of some life? Want to make a friendship with your stylist? Look no further!!! Melinda is great! The salon is super cute! Highly recommend!

I walked in today for a blowout (aka le brushing) and was immediately attended, which was great, as I was pressed for time and it looked like the salon was quite busy. Norman was the gentleman who did my wavy blowout and he did a phenomenal job. He was also very kind, despite our language barrier. I will definitely return when we visit Paris again!

After getting bad perms and hair dyes, I went to Joseph and he brought my hair back to a very healthy state. He is the most knowledgeable and talented hairstylist I have ever known. I will never go anywhere else. I am in my 60’s now and getting lots of compliments on my hair color and style. My daughter goes to Joseph and my neighbor goes to one of the other stylist there. Papillon and Joseph are very popular here in La Mirada. Josephs salon is very clean and welcoming. All the stylist at Papillon are very nice and seem to have a faithful following of their own. As others stated, book far in advance (well worth the wait) and check or cash only.

Every time I come in Melinda gives me the best cleanest sharpest and tightest haircut ever and I’m very picky. I would never trust anyone else with my unruly hair

I was looking for a new hairstylist after 20+ years with my former one. I was quite worried to try someone recommended from yelp, but did so anyway. I got my hair cut by Juana, since people had positive things to say about her. Let me just say that the reviewers were right. On top of being a great hairstylist, she was a wonderful person to talk to during my haircut. I’m definitely going back again; hopefully for more years to come!

Easy, cheap, quick. I had the lovely Najet and managed to get her a second time. She really put some extra care into my haircut and even trimmed my beard. Thumbs up.

I have very long hair and am trying to keep it healthy. I also am not very style savvy and am relatively low maintenance. I saw Annette a few months ago for a bang trim and to take off some dead ends. SHE WAS AMAZING! She understood what I wanted and my hair needs. She was able to take off the dead ends and still maintain my length. When I leave her chair my hair is so much healthier. I cannot recommend her enough! She is so nice and knowledgable!

$50 just to dye my roots….. To Walgreens I go, thanks for getting me off my lazy butt. However I must admit, it $50 is the going rate, they picked a great way to earn a living

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So happy I finally found a hairdresser I can trust! Melinda so so sweet and I’m so excited to get my hair healthy again!

Melinda was awesome! I had very long, thick hair and needed an updated, shorter style. She knew exactly what to do! I absolutely love my new hair style! I will definitely be returning in the future!

Annette is awesome! Disclaimer: I’ve known her since before cosmetology school and I was her guinea pig for a couple years. But even then, she was such a perfectionist that she always did her research and made me look great. Nowadays, I get lots of compliments and many of my coworkers are using her. Bottom line: I love my hair!!!

Melinda did a great job cutting and coloring my hair. I wanted to try a different stylist than the one I had been seeing for the past 2 yrs and I’m so glad I chose French Coiffure Salon. I read all the reviews and decided to give Melinda a try. I’ve waited a couple of weeks to write this review to see if the color stayed true. My hair is much more easy to style due to the great cut and the color is not yet washing out. I’m a happy customer!!

Joe is simply the best. I have been going to him for over 15 years and he has never given me anything but wonderful beautiful hair. With education from the leading beauty schools in both France and Germany he really knows and understands hair. He works with your hair to bring out the best in it. He always gives you what you want and has a wealth of experience to share with you about what possibilities would look great on you. On top of all of that he has a fantastic personality and genuinely cares for all of his clients. He is able to carry on a worthwhile enjoyable conversation while creating a beautiful look for you. I love Joe and his salon and I would never consider going anywhere else. If you want a great look at reasonable prices done by a wonderful man come here to Joe. A tip: book your appointment several weeks in advance. Joe is popular for a reason.

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Gaby G. said “Okay so I had to write a review after reading such a false review on Maria Blankevoort…I have been going to Maria for the past TWO years and have not gone to anyone but her ever since I went to her for the…” read more

I had the most wonderful hour getting my hair and eyebrows done by Melinda at the adorable French Coiffure Salon. This beautician is definitely more than a hairdresser. She is expert at almost anything to do with beauty. The color and cut of my hair came out exactly the way I wanted it. My eyebrows were perfect. Most of all was how you feel so relaxed with Melinda. She is absolutely the sweetest person and very accomplished at what she does. Give her a try and you will love the place too. Melinda is at 480-862-0227. I loved her and you will too.

If you’re a guy and want the best haircut of your life, go here and ask for Joseph. He knows so much about hair and has been cutting hair for his entire life. I’ve never been disappointed with a cut from him! He keeps a tight schedule so you will never be waiting past your appointment time, and works quickly for how good of a haircut it is; I usually get out in under half an hour. Make sure to call almost a week ahead of time, however, because he fills up fast (because he is so good!). w

Melinda is AWESOME. She did hightlight, lowlights, cut my hair and did a fantastic job. The best stylist that did my hair since the early 2000. She matched the perfect tone for my hair color and cut my hair just the way I like it. Her work is worth every penny. If you want your hair done right.Melinda is the person to see.

This was my first time here and I have to say the people that work there are so nice and sweet and the salon look very clean and well kept. I went in for just a hair cut and they made time for me since I did not make an appointment which was really nice of them to do. I got Lilian who was behind helpful with my hair and very easy to talk too. I didn’t have to go into deep explaining what I wanted out of my hair she already knew what to do which was great for me. I got an amazing hair cut and I an amazing stylist. I will for sure keep coming back to this place and to Lilian. The only thing is if ur a credit/debit user which is what I am as well. This place only accepts cash or Checks. So if you decided to come here make sure you come prepared. Once again o really recommend Lilian she was amazing.

Juana had been cutting my hair for several years. She is extremely professional and she always listens to how I want my hair to look. For a men’s haircut Juana is a no brainer. They also serve cappuccino at Papillon and the owner is friendly and inviting.

I stayed at an airbnb directly across the way from this salon, making it extremely convenient. I don’t speak any French, but looked up how to translate a blow out = Le brushing. And for $27 euros, and 15 minutes later, I got the best blow out of my life!! I wish I had planned to get more done; like color and a cut. Next time.

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