Vintage Chinese Nichols Style Art Deco Carpet Anouska Tamony

idee interieur maison design Vintage Chinese Nichols Style Art Deco Carpet Anouska Tamony

idee interieur maison design Vintage Chinese Nichols Style Art Deco Carpet Anouska Tamony

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Chinese ancestor paintings
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Knut hallgren attributed swedish bronze and glass chandelier art deco

Sadly the same periwinkle blue as hangs in the Colonel’s room at St Benedict’s is no longer available. 

Set in a five-storey mansion on Rue Saint-Marc in Paris’ second arrondissement the classical facade of this hotel dates back to 1791. Inside, however, Milanese Dimor Studio have created a bold vision using some of my favourite influences in a playful and modern way. Namely, Jim Thompson silks for the long luscious curtains, Nichols inspired Chinese art deco rugs and modernist lamps.

A serendipitous find beside the seaside, St Benedicts is nestled close to Burton St Leonards and is full to the brim with antiques, curios and objects. Every inch of the sprawling old house has been faithfully decorated with the kind of awe inspiring attention to detail that provokes closer inspection and invites the mind wander to other places and other times. 

“Based on an Indian miniature taken from the back of a hand-painted postcard. Small hints of metallic thread add an oriental touch.”

Influenced by the contrasting grit and charm of old world Detroit, the team at ASH NYC behind the refurbishment of the Wurlitzer building have created a hotel with flair inside an old skyscraper that was erected during the city’s golden inter-war era when the town was awash with money from the automobile industry…Although, as the name suggests, this building was commissioned by a company who made their millions making music (organs to be precise) not cars. 

Auguste Kettner, a former chef of Napoleon III, opened his eponymous Soho restaurant in 1867. Allegedly a tunnel of networks to running from the nearby theatres allowed Edward VII’s  stage actress lover Lillie Langtry to surruptitiously sneak off to meet him here for clandestine assignations. 

The Chinese have long had a profound connection to their ancestors and believe that death does not sever a person’s relationship with the living and that, if properly worshipped and honored in private family rituals, their ancestors’ spirits can bring them health, long life, prosperity and children.

Read on for inspiration on how to bring this delicious medley of styles into your own home…  

“Hand crafted from start to finish using traditional upholstery methods and materials including using only the highest quality beech mortise and tenon frames.”

Fine Cell Work trains prisoners to create beautiful pieces of needlework, their mission to foster hope, discipline and self esteem to allow individuals to finish their sentences with work skills, money earned and saved, and the self-belief to not re-offend.

A circa 1820 armchair covered in a kilim. Kilims are flat tapestry woven carpets made from the Balkans through to Pakistan and bring a richness of texture and pattern to upholstery, as well as, being tough as old boots!  

Chinese “ancestor paintings” are painted specifically for use in ancestor worship; the power of the living person is believed to reside in their portrait after death. Most of the ancestor portraits that have survived depict members of the Qing (pronounced “Ch’ing”) imperial families and military and civil elite who ruled China from 1644 until the revolution of 1911.

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“An iconic wallpaper featuring a garden trellis with climbing roses and birds in blue, coral and green on a cream ground. Designed by William Morris in 1864 and inspired by the courtyard garden at his home Red House.”

“Pair of antique large and finely painted Chinese ancestral portraits in vibrant color and gilt on silk and presented in giltwood, of male chop mark signed/stamped lower right, circa 1890.”

Roll up, roll up, Kettner’s Townhouse, favourite of Oscar Wilde, Agatha Christie and Edward VII has had its upper floors tarted up making it the perfect spot for a sexy sleepover in town.

The epitome of old school design values with a focus on natural, sustainable, British materials.

“The upper part has a decorative pierced swan neck broken pediment cornice with acanthus scroll carving centred by an urn finial, the frieze centred by a satinwood ground panel with paterae, the two astragal glazed doors enclose an interior fitted with adjustable shelves.”

Read on for tips on how to create these idiosyncratically Soho House vibes in your own home…as well as channel your inner Lillie Langtry.

English Victorian mahogany and marquetry bureau bookcase, circa 1860 with satinwood crossbanding and decorative geometric scrolls, husks and flowerheads.

Vintage Chinese Nichols Style Art Deco Carpet Anouska Tamony