Art Deco Style Ideas Et Inspirations Hgtv

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Redecor your hgtv home design with great amazing art deco bedroom ideas and get cool with
Decoración salones 36 ideas de diseño
Art Deco Style Ideas Et Inspirations Hgtv

Art Deco Elements Enhance This Black-and-White Nursery 7 Photos

A duo of chairs with green upholstery and glamorous gold frames enliven this chic, white living room. Better still? The pretty pair creates a cozy spot for catching up with friends and facilitates fireside conversations.

Glam up any space with art deco style. This eclectic style involves rich colors and ornamentation.

Contemporary, clean and just a tad over the top? This design checks all our boxes. Warm wood and frosty white marble prove to be quite the pair in this sleek kitchen and dining space. Fiery orange accents polish off the look.

The homeowner wants a ’40s feel to enhance the his living room.

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In Chicago, the McGraw Hill Building and the Powhatan Apartments epitomize art deco style.

Live the glitz of The Great Gatsby with this hand-painted vanity tray that is all about celebrating the glamour of the 1920s and the beauty of the art deco era.

A snowy white sofa and glam, glass coffee table keep this small apartment living space feeling open, airy and tres, tres chic. Oh, and did we mention the unmatched skyline view?

Photo By: Ebby Halliday Realtors, a member of Luxury Portfolio International

An infusion of art-deco style elevates the design of the hall bathroom, an eco-chic space shared by the home’s two guest bedrooms.

The style was partially inspired by artifacts discovered in 1922 in King Tut’s tomb, and many art deco buildings include the repeating designs and vivid color common in Egyptian artwork.

Contemporary Luxury Designs Design Styles Home Tours Art Deco

Hidden in the hills above L.A., this home is a retro art deco masterpiece.

This open plan living space is chic and classic, decked in fresh white furnishings and tan and terra-cotta accents throughout. Glass walls grant access to the back yard and offer passage for natural sunlight to sweep the room.

Drew Scott and his fiancee Linda are planning their wedding and simultaneously renovating a vintage fixer-upper in Los Angeles. Check out of the amazing Art Deco inspired designs in their newly remodeled foyer, living room office and powder room.

Art deco’s appeal began to fade in the 1940s. However, it enjoyed a resurgence in the 1980s, when Miami’s South Beach arose from the ashes of neglect to become a colorful art deco vacation paradise, and post-modern architecture around the world re-popularized fanciful touches on building exteriors.

Because art deco interior style often includes a lot of mirrors and glass, it may not be the best style for young families or those with exuberant house pets. Also, because original art deco apartments were built before the introduction of many modern conveniences, you may have to consider the cost of re-wiring for electricity and installing air conditioning as in any older apartment. But before you break out the sledgehammers and screwdrivers (or, better yet, before you buy) make sure the building you want to buy in isn’t landmarked; if it is, there may be restrictions on how much of the architecture you can change.

Flat roofs. Smooth walls. The walls of art deco homes are often made of smooth stucco and have rounded corners. Bold exterior decorations. Buildings in the style were often decorated with zigzags, swans, lilies and sunrise motifs.

Experimentation with interior materials. Art deco designers used “new” materials such as glass block, neon, chrome, mirrors and opaque glass panels.

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Shimmery pale gold wallpaper, a chandelier with gorgeous glass globes and a sky-high city view? It doesn’t get much more glamorous than that, folks.

Dark Colors, Dramatic Materials Create ‘Masculine Safari’ Style in Bachelor Pad

If you are lucky enough to find an apartment with an art deco vibe, don’t fight it! Furnishings strongly associated with other periods will overpower its period charm, so don’t plop your overstuffed shabby chic sofa into the living room. Instead, look for genuine art deco pieces at local antiques stores, or online sources like — or purchase quality reproductions at better furniture stores. Don’t want to overdose on deco? Select neutral, modern furnishings and let the architecture speak for itself.

Remix designer Karen McAloon creates a showcase art deco dining room.

Blush walls and bright-white bedframes leave this art deco-inspired bedroom feeling fresh and feminine. Mirrored nightstands topped by additional mirrors help natural light bounce around this bedroom. The metal art above the bed offers another reflective surface to cast warm light across the room.

Please excuse us as we pick our jaws up from the floor over this drool-worthy, white channel bed. This, ladies and gentlemen, is the epitome of modern glamour. The texture-rich and dramatic brown walls highlight the luxe furnishings and establish the space as moody and romantic.

Is your heart set on deco living? Skip suburbia and look closer to big city centers. There are art deco apartment buildings sprinkled about New York City and Chicago, and deco-style condos have been built (or converted from former office spaces) in Phoenix, Atlanta and many other major cities around the U.S.

This master retreat is a real California dream, boasting views of Los Angeles and a one-of-a-kind reclaimed wall. Gold accents and a canopy bed frame further the feeling of luxury, inviting the king of the castle to relish in his spacious surroundings.

Bold and beautiful, this is the type of dining room sure to turn heads and garner applause. The space boasts sophisticated, inky chairs, a gold buffet table and a high-end chandelier that bestows delicate, shimmering light from above.

Designer Scott Thomas combines an art deco design style with Old Hollywood glamor to re-create a Paul R. Williams home. The L.A. home, built in 1929, gets a remarkable upgrade, the first it’s seen since the ’50s.

Transitional Master Bathroom With Art Deco Influences 5 Photos

Elegance appears effortless in this dramatic formal dining room. Ivory walls work in tandem with white slipper chairs, metallic finishes and a jaw-dropping crystal chandelier to create a space set for delightful dinner parties and delicious desserts.

Masculine, cognac leather chairs pop against the rich navy walls in this cozy game room. Custom built-ins provide storage for booze and bar essentials, and a checkered game table offers hours of fun. A bold, brass Sputnik fixture hangs overhead, packing a punch of modern flair.

It’s all in the details here. The brass details, to be exact. The brass geometric chandelier and the brass picture frames add glamour, while the blue velvet dining chairs add a splash of color and a bit of rich texture to the overall design of the space.

A handsome wood and gold cabinet proves the power of timeless design. An antique mirror above it is flanked by retro crystal sconces that illuminate the gilded, deco-style wallpaper.

Kelly Sutton mixes dark colors, dramatic materials and a touch of glamour to create a sophisticated bachelor pad. A mix of metal, wood and other finishes balances the dark furnishings used throughout the home.

A mix of smooth swirls, curves and high-gloss finishes, art deco style evokes 1930s movie star glamour.

Rich eggplant coats the ceiling and walls and adds coziness to this dramatic, deco-inspired bedroom. The gold velvet bedframe offers a dramatic pop against the saturated purple walls, resulting in a sleeping space fit for a king and queen.

A sleek silvery sofa and a glass-top coffee table offer front-row seats for the skyline view in this city apartment. Glossy metallic accents add texture throughout, and the floor-to-ceiling windows are highlighted by dramatic drapes.

From: Ebby Halliday Realtors and Luxury Portfolio International®

Mirrored nightstands and a velvet and lucite bench serve as picture-perfect complements to this modern, metal canopy bed. Crisp, white linens coordinate with a sleek white headboard for a polished, posh design.

The hotels in Miami’s South Beach — and newer buildings throughout South Florida — combine deco lines with pastel colors.

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Though it draws heavily from antiquity, art deco was considered ultramodern at the height of its popularity, with some of the first deco designs coming from the edgy Bauhaus School in Germany. The style combines the circular, trapezoidal and rectangular motifs of the Machine Age with the high-gloss finishes and glamorous black-and-white color palette of the silver screen.

The art deco style was used more often for office buildings than for private homes, so you’re not likely to find a deco home with a yard and a garage in most geographic areas. Miami Beach and Tulsa, Okla., do have residential art deco districts, and every once in a while, a deco home comes on the market in an unexpected place — outside of Philadelphia, say, or in a residential enclave in Cincinnati.

Chrysler Building. Perhaps the most famous example of art deco architecture is the Chrysler Building in New York City. Just a few blocks to the north, the Empire State building is another art deco gem.

Art Deco Architecture Hall Bathroom From HGTV Green Home 2011 Dark Colors, Dramatic Materials Create ‘Masculine Safari’ Style in Bachelor Pad DIY Art Deco Vanity Tray Room of the Week: The Award-Winning Entryway Haute Hotels Inspiring Design

If you’ve seen Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers in Shall We Dance, you’re probably well acquainted with art deco style — the swirls and curves, the steps and mirrors, the 1930s movie-star glam.

Pillows pile the corners of this fiery sofa, and a bright-white, channel-tufted ottoman offers an ultra-chic spot to rest your feet. Faux fur throws and dramatic white drapes add to the endless glamour in this otherwise airy space.

This, friends, is Hollywood glam at its finest. Light gleams and reflects off the wall-sized mirror and glossy black-and-white checked floor in this decadent hallway crowned with a crystal chandelier.

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Luxurious doesn’t even begin to cover this spectacular design, agreed? Glossy black tiles coat this spa bathroom from floor to ceiling. Not to be overlooked? The hot tub, steam shower and, of course, the fireplace.

HGTV presents an Austin-based boutique that exudes art deco style blended with contemporary and eclectic themes.

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Craft a storage box with a working drawer using cardboard & wooden boxes.

Why should adults have all the fun? This kids’ bathroom proves you’re never too young for a little glamour in your life. Glossy gold fixtures and olive tiles add a playful sophistication that kids of all ages can appreciate.

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