Decor mural en metal
Décoration murale banc de poissons en métal antique argenté 97x31cm
Décoration Murale En Métal Argenté

Décoration Murale En Métal Argenté Décoration Murale En Métal Argenté

Décoration murale Régate de bateaux couleurs sobres en métal 46x35cm

Artistically replicated branches made of hand forged and hand hammered iron with a silver leaf finish. May be hung horizontal or vertical.

Décoration murale FLEURS tons foncés dorés et argentés 40x40cm

Décoration murale Régate de bateaux à double voile multicolores en métal 98x45cm

The design of Wade Logan Wall Decor is global inspired. It has a crisp modern theme running through it. Oval rings with oval cut out centers are arranged in a cluster to lend an aesthetic appeal to your interiors. Some of these oval pieces have a textured finish to add contrast to the look of this wall decor. This modern themed wall decor will bedeck your home in a neat way. Engineered out of metal, this wall decor is characterized by its sturdy structure and durability. It has an exquisite…

Vous pourrez également retrouver parmi notre collection plusieurs modèles zen ou colorés qui se marieront à merveille avec l’ambiance cosy d’une chambre à coucher par exemple.

Ideal for posting on a boat, in a boathouse, or any nautical themed room, this brilliant Poop Deck Sign clearly gets its point across. With a textured framing and body, this rustic sign allows for easy decorative mounting. Display this decorative piece on your boat or in your home and show your affinity for the sea-faring lifestyle to those who visit. Note: wall mounting hardware not included. Easily mountable screws are not included. It is solid and heavy handcrafted and has a classic vintage…

Understated, yet alluring, this geometric wall decor brings contemporary style and artful appeal to your abode. Crafted from iron, this abstract design features an ombre finish in an array of metallic silver, gray, brown, bronze, beige, and golden hues. At 21.25” H x 47” W x 2.25″ D, this piece is perfect for dressing up narrow or wide open spaces on your walls. Plus, wall mounted hardware is pre-attched, so you can hang it vertically or horizontally as soon as it arrives.

Natural reflections rustic iron floral vines wall décor, distressed finish, small light and larger 5-petal iron flowers with small centre petal clusters, grey wire intertwined stems.

Décoration murale Branches et feuilles en métal argenté 23x59cm

Décoration murale Branche de coton blanc, vert et marron en métal 29x88cm

Bring style to your wall space with this gorgeous 3 Headed Simple Flower Wall Décor. It’s sleek neutral finish and traditional style will make you feel right at home. It’s an eye-catching accent piece for any room. Attached keyholes make for easier wall hanging.

Habillez vos murs d’élégance avec un ornement en métal d’inspiration bord de mer. Mouettes et petits voiliers viendront embellir vos murs tout en évoquant l’évasion et les vacances.

Décoration murale Envolée d’oiseaux argentés et reflets bleutés en métal…

Réversible: OuiPeut être accroché à partir de 1 clou dans le mur

Si vous êtes sensibles au style traditionnel et campagnard en matière de décoration intérieure, vous craquerez sûrement pour nos décors muraux de style champêtre. Ornez vos murs d’une envolée de papillon ou de branches et feuillages délicats. Différentes couleurs sont envisageables et s’imposent comme autant de coups de cœur possibles. Si vous souhaitez personnaliser une chambre féminine, une décoration murale florale sera un choix judicieux qui cultivera une atmosphère romantique et propice à l’apaisement.

Décoration murale Assemblage de carrés superposés doré, cuivré et argenté en…

These simple circle accents are the perfect finishing touch to any decorating project. 7055 Inc unique metallic finishes have just enough shimmer to make this set of 3 circle sculptures pop from your wall.

Defined by its sunburst-inspired silhouette, this eye-catching wall decor showcases a circular center dotted with mirrored details and surrounded by slender, wavy rays. A two-toned silver and black finish creates crisp contemporary contrast, while clear acrylic rhinestone accents offer a glint of glamour. Crafted of metal, this piece measures 25.2” H x 43.7” W overall, and it includes wall-mounting hooks on the back that let you hang it vertically or horizontally.

Apportez la touche finale à une décoration contemporaine avec l’une de nos sculptures murales. Ces pièces artisanales de grande qualité signeront un intérieur unique à la personnalité affirmée. Ces tableaux design sur métal donneront à votre séjour ou votre cuisine une tendance moderne ainsi qu’une atmosphère contemporaine. Nos sculptures représentant des ponts séduiront les amateurs de paysage urbain et réchaufferont vos murs de leur belle couleur dorée. Nos statues murales des collections Western et Safari fusionnent déco traditionnel et esprit design et s’imposeront dans votre salon avec leur style atypique et plein de caractère. Les matières originales utilisées pour la création de ces accessoires, ainsi que la présence de couleurs ou de noir et blanc, vous permettront de les marier à un intérieur de style industriel comme contemporain.

Décoration murale 3 grands papillons sur fil en métal couleur doré et cuivré…

Décoration murale Branche avec oiseaux en métal multicolore 75x82cm

Amazing animals metal bird wall décor, bird-shaped silver-finished sculptures made of iron, silver-finished iron back frame.

Hang this wall decor above the mantel to create an eye-catching focal point, or let it be the stylish anchor for your dining room sideboard or entryway console.

Lend your walls a splash of Zen style with this Eastern-inspired wall panel decor! Crafted of metal, this alluring artwork strikes a 36″ x 36″ square silhouette, and consists of three vertical slabs encased in a single thin frame. Painted in rusty brown and patinaed silver tones for an ancient, antiqued appearance, the three panels make up a single floral medallion motif, featuring botanical scrollwork and abstract carvings within concentric circles.

Décoration murale Libellules stylisées avec ailes forme feuilles multicolores…

3 Piece Metal Wall Décor Set made from 100% tin and features finished tin bowties connected to form a circular orb.

Décoration murale Régate de bateaux stylisée multicolore en métal 120x40cm

Décoration murale Coquelicots et papillons multicolores en métal 35x61cm

Décoration murale Branche de feuilles rondes couleur rouge, doré et argenté…

Whether you’re styling a statement-making accent wall or adding the perfect touch to your decor, this Wall Décor instantly draws the eye. Hang this Wall Décor above the mantel to create an eye-catching focal point, or let it be the stylish anchor for your dining room sideboard or entryway console. Enhance the aesthetic appeal of a room with the breathtaking beauty of This Wall Décor. This Wall Décor is reminiscent of an abstract geometric design. It is an ideal adornment for a…

Décoration murale Nénuphares et miroirs couleur bleu et argent en métal 29x87cm

Décoration murale Cercles sur bandes horizontales multicolores en métal 120x40cm

Décoration murale Ville dans un cercle multicolore en métal D80cm

Décoration murale Rectangles sur grilles multicolore en métal 44x66cm

Add intrigue to a plain wall in your home with the silver acrylic burst wall decor. Made from silver-finished metal with big crystal beads, this large piece is simple yet striking. Display it among contemporary decor for a modern feel or glam decor for a elegant-fun look.

The Vida3 contemporary square wall art with self-watering planters. This wall art planter provides an elegant and impactful decorative accent for any wall in your home or outdoors on your fence. Includes 3 versatile, removable planters making planting simple. Ideal for indoor and outdoor applications. Simply hang the wall art like a picture and you’re ready to plant.

Play up your fun side with this quirky mirrored wall sculpture. With its beautiful design and reflective surfaces, the finish will appear in different shades from soft brass to champagne depending on where the light is bouncing across the surface. This unique mirrored wall sculpture is sure to add a bit of quirky style to your home! This piece is compiled of various circular mirrors that are set in a brass finish. With its beautiful design and reflective surfaces, it’s bound to become the focal…

This mirror wall decor exudes a burst of vibrancy and elegance. Its delicate structure makes it eye catching, and gives it a special charm. With a mirror at its central point, it has fine beams coming out of it that have smaller circular mirrors randomly placed. This wall decor is minimal in its adornment but can do so much to enhance the decor. It may be used as a bathroom vanity mirror. This wall decor is a handmade structure, and has a delicate appearance. It gets its appealing finish due…

Décoration murale Cercles vides en métal cercles pleins en bois multicolore…

Décoration murale Style Street Art en métal multicolore 80x45cm

Turn any old empty wall into a dazzling display with this eye-catching decor! Taking on a sunburst silhouette dotted by globe accents, it is hand-crafted from iron and features a weathered silver finish. This piece measures 28″ in diameter, sure to make a splash in both style and size when installed using its attached keyhole. Though artful anywhere in your abode, we recommend setting is smack dab in the entryway to impress guests as soon as they arrive.

Bring dimension to a plain wall with the Stratton Home Decor 3 Piece Acrylic Burst Wall Décor Set. Made from silver metal and clear acrylic beads, these three sunburst-shaped wall pieces are fun and current. Display them alongside one another as a chic accent piece.

This amazingly designed Metal Wall Decor is sure to add sophistication to your living space. Ideal for traditionally as well as modern themed houses, this Wall decor is assured to stay in good condition for a long time. This foliage wall décor would bring a natural feel to your home interiors. Ideal as an embellishment for lobby, living room, bedroom or garden area; this décor would earn you lot of compliments from friends. It will give a new life to the walls of your sweet home with its…

Décoration murale cuisine portableLongue durée à manger décoration métal de la zoneParfait cadeau abordableMatériau : aluminium

Décoration murale diptyque Arbre dans cercle en métal couleur argenté, doré…

Finish: SilverPrimary Material: MetalPrimary Material Details: BrassAdditional Materials: NoHardware Material: Iron

Décoration murale Voilier et cercles métals ambre rouge 27x53cm

Décoration murale envolée de papillons ailes découpées en métal couleur doré,…

Décoration murale Multi hexagones multicolores en métal 120x40cm

Décoration murale Assemblage miroirs argents et noirs 120×55,5cm

Perfect for lending additional layers of texture and color, wall art creates attention-grabbing focal points that invigorate empty spaces in your decor. Take this piece for example: an abstract sculpture bursting with personality, it provides an eye-catching visual interest in any interior design. With silver rods that protrude from its irregularly-shaped metallic purple center, this piece turns any wall into an exhibition. Measuring 23″ H x 23″ W, this accent is big enough to make a statement…

Décoration murale Ruban rouge sur cadre en métal couleur argenté 80x60cm

Natural reflections rustic iron tree triptych framed wall décor, black iron bar frames, silver, gold and copper-finish iron wire bare branched stylized trees.

Showcasing a metallic finish, this wall decor set offers a stylish statement to any space in your home. Its open design brings a breezy touch to your ensemble while its solid color pairs perfectly with a wide range of color palettes. Featuring cutoff wires forming a sunburst-silhouette, this set adds a dash of dimension to your decor as well as an attention-grabbing accent. Plus, it is constructed with a sturdy tin that is equal parts durable and visually striking.

Décoration murale FLEURS marguerite en métal tons dorés et argentés D80cm

Décoration murale Arbre stylisé feuilles rondes couleur bleu et argent en…

Décoration murale style tenture en coton couleur beige taupe 30x50cm

Spectaculaires, nos décorations murales en métal de style abstrait jouent sur les effets de volume et de formes et apportent une dimension design et contemporaine à votre intérieur. Les effets de texture sont eux aussi à l’honneur comme en témoigne notre superbe décor mural aux lunes martelées. Du plus sobre au plus coloré, vous aurez le choix entre différents modèles au caractère abstrait qui deviendront rapidement des pièces maîtresses de votre intérieur et feront l’admiration de vos invités.

Garden meets gallery in this artful wall decor, sure to instantly dress up any ensemble in your spring-worthy abode. Crafted from metal, this design features three flowers sitting atop curving stems finished in hand-painted tones of silver, dark blue, and gold. Measuring 30” H x 18.5” W, this piece holds its own whether placed on an empty entryway wall or above your bed in the master suite. To clean, just wipe with a damp cloth.

Décoration murale ABSTRAIT cercle tons beiges, bruns et dorés D88cm

Décoration murale Branches et fleurs stylisées en métal argenté 23x59cm

Décoration murale Disques coupoles anthracites et dorées en métal 44x88cm

Une décoration murale au style abstrait pour les amoureux du design

Give a bare wall a boost of botanical beauty with this floor wall decor. Measuring 19.75″ H x 42.25″ W, this broad piece is perfect for sprucing up wide-open spaces. Crafted of metal, it features a geometric design mixing open rings with solid circles containing small mirrors in the center to reflect light throughout your room. A hand-painted silver, gray, and white finish completes the look with a hint of well-worn style.

Décoration murale style tenture en coton couleur écrue 30x50cm

Total: 6 po H x 8 po H x 12 po H x 6 po L x 8 po L x 12 po L

3 Piece Metal Wall Décor Set. This loopy puff ribbon decor is made of thin iron strips, with spike-like iron offshoots with small round tips in metallic finish.

Décoration murale Anneaux enchevêtrés argent et reflets bleus en métal 120x60cm

When it comes to building a look you love, lines should never be overlooked! Curved lines break the austerity of straight lines, creating a soft, graceful feel with the illusion of movement, while geometric patterns balance the monotony of modern spaces. Styled in spirals, this wall decor does a little of both; it brings soft, dynamic lines home as it balances out the boxy silhouettes of headboards, end tables, and similarly shaped accents. It’s crafted from metal and finished in silver and…

Décoration murale Fleurs rouges sur plaque métal gris 58x60cm

Modern reflections aluminum wall decor, trellis-inspired aluminum frame with a silver finish.

Nos décorations murales métalliques ornées de galets ou représentant des coraux transformeront le mur blanc le plus basique et seront parfaites dans votre bureau, votre chambre, votre entrée ou votre salon.

Décoration murale Régate de Bateaux bleus, verts et gris sur fils ondulés…

Décoration murale rectangles et cercles sur lignes en métal argent, vert et…

The Vida1 contemporary square wall art with self-watering planter. This wall art planter provides an elegant and impactful decorative accent for any wall in your home or outdoors on your fence. Includes a versatile, removable planter making planting simple. Ideal for indoor and outdoor applications. Simply hang the wall art like a picture and you’re ready to plant.

With it’s simple design and two-tone finishing, this metal birds wall decor is sure to add interest to your space. Crafted from iron with copper-gold and silver finishes.

Add style to a plain wall in your home with this Wall Décor. Made from metal with textured silver, gold, and brown plated circles and rings, this large statement piece is simple yet striking. Display it in a contemporary-style home as a statement piece. Product may have some variances in comparison to photo shown.

Add the essence of modernity to your contemporary abode with this three-piece decor set with a dual-layer aluminum design. Its rear layer is brushed with a cloudy grey texture for a subtle backdrop. Its raised front layer features a wavy, textural pattern with overlapping tonal layers that create depth. Display these distinctive panels vertically, horizontally, or even diagonally. Each piece measures 12” H x 12” W x 2” D, a compact size suitable for most places in your home.

Accent your kitchen in charming style with this lovely decor, showcasing a utensil design. Pair it with hydrangeas nestled in a pitcher vase and whitewashed open shelving for a country-chic look.

Décoration murale cercles, rectangles et carrés sur lignes en métal cuivré,…

Combine des matériaux de qualité haut de gamme avec un design haut de gamme uniqueLa main forgée, bandes de métal fini en feuille d’argent brillant

Meubles de qualité Nos meubles sont garantis 2 ans Livraison offerte Livraison offerte dès 200€ d’achats Paiement 3X, 4X et 10X sans frais par CB dès 90€ d’achats avec Cetelem

Décoration murale Assemblage de formes en métal et bois argenté et marron…

This attractive, hand-painted work of art can be hung in nearly any setting either by itself or in groups.

Modern reflections Metal Wall Décor, silver metal finish, decor made of silver iron strips of various sizes welded together to form a web-like abstract design.

Modern reflections iron band and mirror round wall décor, iron flattened loop bands in round shapes, center small iron-frame round glass mirrors.

Décoration murale Fleur rouge sur cadre stylisé en métal gris 61x57cm

Pier Import vous présente sa collection de tableaux design destinés à habiller vos murs de pièces décoratives de votre choix afin d’aménager votre intérieur avec style. Du tableau moderne en passant par plusieurs modèles de tableaux contemporains, ces accessoires originaux pourront être accrochés dans toutes les pièces de votre maison.

This bright, elegant Starburst Wall Décor is the perfect accent piece for all furniture. The Starburst Wall Décor features acrylic bead at the end for a friendly and fun home. The Starburst Wall Décor looks great hanging in multiples above an accent table in your entryway, above a couch or bed, and anywhere else in the home.

Décoration murale Ruban bleu sur cadre en métal couleur argenté 40X110cm

Modern reflections iron wire burst-style wall décor, various length straight iron wires in round burst pattern from centre, flat back.

Décoration murale Disques de métal ajourés argentés 133×65,5cm

This bright elegant Starburst Wall Décor is the perfect accent piece for all furniture. The piece looks great above an accent table in your entryway, above a couch or bed, and anywhere else in the home.

Dimensions – de 50cm (1) Entre 50cm et 80cm (12) Moins de 1m (136) Plus de 1m (74) Plus de 80cm (9)

Liven up any wall with this modern 3 Piece Star Metal Wall Decor Set. Made of strong and heavy tin wire, these metal wall decor orb designs come in 3 sizes, each with several straight, multiple-sized wire arms jutting out from the center, creating a 3D wall decor look. Each starburst may be easily hanged from the keyhole opening on the flat back of each piece.

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