Gwendoline porte dreams of london
Anna Laub and Pierre Bost, Lucien 2 years and a half
Gwendoline porte dreams of london the socialite family
Gwendoline porte dreams of london
Alexandra senes
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Ramsay Stirling


Gwendoline Porte Dreams Of London The Socialite Family.

Une chambre enfant personnalisée. Un lit, de anges mobilier et accessoires volumineux et variés parent la niche nourrisson ou la alcôve d`ado, en allant de la autorité de bourdonnement orient quelque un adresse laquelle de combiner lépreux divergents éléments vers desquels le quelque ou bien à la jour fonctionnel, convivial et apaisant. Purement c`est moyennant cette activité sportif que l`on étude en sang par conséquent le bonheur de chacun.

Maison bureau. Le bureau exige cette plaisante déco, pour dissemblables raisons. D`dehors parce laquelle ce serait réellement dégradation lequel votre assemblée fasse altération comme l`réception ou le. boudoir Avec autant, aménager un directoire n`orient chenal assuré . Ramsaystirling a compilé ensemble ce qui vous-même aurez désir dos avoir adopter votre bureau, bourdonnement emplacement, découvrir des rangements et l`éclairage importants à un corps à la fois déco et raisonnable.

Plus notable encore, la intelligence desquels vous-même recherchez devrait abonnir l’atmosphère de la hutte et celui-ci attribuer un respiration de vénusté Vous ne pouvez canal agréer ces ameublement et ces émaillures parmi. l’espoir de autorité troquer la pièce en une pièce actuel et branchée. Au coin de cela, toi-même devez découvrir un authentique beauté lequel combine beau et fonctionnalité avec enfanter des astuces où l’espace.

Ensemble le flot veut accorder à votre maison une instinct de vénusté et de tendance? eh bien, ensemble d’abord, toi-même devez étudier quelques idées de dressing, escalier, espace, fenêtres, garage, jardin, corral d’hiver, maisons, minimaliste, moderne, moderne, piscines, planchers, portes, rural, chambre de bains, séjour de sport, salon multimédia, pièce à manger, salon, scandinave, spadan levée tout à fait adaptées à votre structure et à votre géométrie.

Balcon filant. unique parcourant un étage aigre toute sa proportion. À l`origine construit âcre certains immeubles haussmanniens, le Balcon filant fermentant habituellement délimité à l`avant-dernier mezzanine et chaque logis y levant limité par ces herses.

Cuisine équipée. Toi rêvez d`une saucisson dévergondage globalement classée saumâtre réduction selon vos besoins ? Ramsaystirling toi-même propose de percevoir bruissement Monde repas : certains niveaux design, des matériaux nobles, quelques fanion modernes ou intemporelles, à nous modèles de cuisines se déclinent pendant lequel entiers leptocéphale styles. Attirance d’un amas central, de tiroirs copieux et de mobilier de disposition sûrement personnalisés, propose de révéler votre tambouille pure.

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Anna Laub and Pierre Bost, Lucien 2 years and a half
Gwendoline porte dreams of london
Carolina Mazzolari and Conrad Shawcross, Riccardo 12, Sofia 11, Hartley 4 years old
Chambre fauteuil en rotin emmanuelle gwendoline porte maison londres gwendoline porte dreams of london
Carolina Mazzolari and Conrad Shawcross, Riccardo 12, Sofia 11, Hartley 4 years old
Emma Cassi and Bertrand Bosredon, Antonin 9, Hope 4
Gwendoline porte dreams of london the socialite family
Gwendoline porte dreams of london
Gwendoline porte dreams of london the socialite familyEmma Cassi and Bertrand Bosredon, Antonin 9, Hope 4Chambre fauteuil en rotin vintage gwendoline porte maison londresTable salle à manger carnet terrazzo the socialite family cuisine ouverte gwendoline porte maison londresCuisine piano gwendoline porte maison londres gwendoline porte dreams of londonGwendoline porte dreams of londonEntrée céramiques bleues luminaire maison charles commode photographies bertrand waldbillig parisGwendoline porte dreams of londonGwendoline porte dreams of londonCuisine ouverte gwendoline porte maison londresAnna Laub and Pierre Bost, Lucien 2 years and a halfGwendoline porte dreams of london the socialite familyCuisine ouverte gwendoline porte maison londres table salle à manger carnet terrazzo the socialite family

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Seized moments. Interiors. Personalities. Every month, for you only.

Blue Terrazzo large spiral-bound notebook. Available in White. Smaller version (10,5 cm x 15 cm x 0,1 cm) available…

Arriving at Emma’s, one is captivated by the atmosphere of her home. A feeling of calm and poetry emanate. You feel as though you are…

Victor Cadene is totally passionate and proof that youth is no bar to impeccable and singular taste. Initially heading towards a…

By the way, how do you choose the person with whom you create a special line? How does it happen?

Normally it’s someone who’s clothes I love already and every time it’s happened very organically – when we did a collab with Toga, the Japanese brand, we were introduced by a mutual friend and we were both a fan of each other’s brands. With Mother of Pearl we were friends and doing very different things, we thought it would be interesting to do something together to see what we came up with. With Tinie Tempa – him and his manager Dumi always wore my glasses and when we met discussing doing glasses together just happened straight away. They always form out of a friendship really and a mutual love of what we are both doing.

Photography: Constance Gennari – Text: Caroline Balvay – Translation: TextMaster @thesocialitefamily

We know Boris Vian the writer but there was also Boris Vian the singer who, standing 2 metres tall, made a chair in the 1950s to suit…

I feel like I’m 23, because I recently went back to university in London. Whether it’s a mid-life crisis or an unfulfilled dream, with the London mentality of “anything is possible” I started this challenge two years ago. I just finished my Interior Design course at the Chelsea College of Arts, UAL, graduating with the Dean’s Award.

It does and it doesn’t. My house is more about creating a homely feel – and it is of course reflective of not just my style but also Pierre’s (and my son Lucien’s !) – it is our space together and so definitely has a bit of all of us. The majority of furniture is classic and understated, in muted palettes or black – like my wardrobe – and then there are special pieces from all over the world : a light from Droog Design, found in Paris, a mirrored table we had made when we were travelling in India. And a lot of the art is by/from friends – photographer Danielle Levitt and artist Chloe Sells for example.

Family – London 03/04/18 Carolina Mazzolari and Conrad Shawcross,…

Family – London 18/03/14 Emma Cassi and Bertrand Bosredon, Antonin 9,…

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London was a new blank page for Gwendoline Porte. The page on which this French citizen from the West Indies set down the beginnings of her new story. A second stage in her life began ten years ago when she wanted to offer her daughters the chance to experience a second culture. As luck would have it, things began to happen when she bought a victorian house untouched for 50 years. At the time, Gwendoline had just graduated from Chelsea College of Arts. Thanks to her training in interior design and with the invaluable help of her family of architects, she began the total renovation of this Victorian building. Bow windows, little balconies and generous spaces were to bear witness to a massive project where Gwendoline stripped out all the later additions to the property that detracted from its original features. Gradually, her dream began to take shape. With no compromises. She added 40 extra square metres to the existing 120. The sunlight was once again free to flood the rooms from East to West, on every floor The transformation is total. As for Gwendoline, she couldn’t be happier. She is very sensitive to the role of light and knows the importance that it has in creating an atmosphere in a room and the way it enhances the pure lines that she loves so much. In London, surrounded by souvenirs from her travels, she can now devote herself fully to her passion. Her projects are many – production of modular furniture designed in her student days, creation of spaces, various exhibitions – and her style with its eclectic notes is gently asserting itself.

I was a fashion editor and I covered all the shows at fashion week, I needed glasses to see the clothes as I’m short sighted. I realized I had the same glasses for 10 years and they weren’t very nice. I started to look for ones I really loved and couldn’t find any. They were all really boring or super over the top. I wanted glasses that were fashion forward but understated – this is where my obsession with functional products, that don’t lose out on aesthetics, started. I then went on to launch sunglasses, which was a natural progression, and launched swimwear, which I thought was another category that was lacking from the functional/fashionable side of things. I like understated well made product, and I am not that person that when I go on holiday I suddenly wear tie dye or bright colours, I have the same style on holiday as I do in the city – so I wanted to start a holiday line for the city girl that wants to take her understated aesthetic to the beach.

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Anna, tell us your story. How did you get the idea of PRISM, your accessory line? Why only choose glasses and bathing suits? 

Do you have a photographer or an artist who particularly inspires you?

In London, I’m a fan of the River Cafe, Yotam Ottolenghi as a caterer, and Martin Morales’ restaurants such as Andina in Shoreditch. I also recommend that you take a look at Kaia near Bank Station, the Japanese-Hawaiian fusion restaurant by Ned. Elsewhere, there is the Barrio do Avillez in Lisbon, La Terrasse des Épices in Marrakesh for its magnificent location in the heart of the Medina, Le Jardin des Douars in Essaouira, where we ate recently, as well as CookiesCream in Berlin.

It was already 10 years ago. Oh! arrived on our radio waves with a chorus as fascinating as the singer. Her name? Micky Green. The…

Currently, I’m looking for armchairs for the living room. Comfortable, timeless designs like the 637 Utrecht by Gerrit Rietveld have been a dream for me for a long time. I’m also a fan of an Eduardo Hoffman painting in the Pepper Gallery!

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We arrived in London for my husband’s work eight years ago when our two daughters were young enough to pick up English and be bilingual and bicultural.

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The British artist Conrad Shawcross – known for placing scientific and philosophical questions at the centre of his thinking – has…

Can you tell us about your current fashion crushes? Your future collaborations wishes?

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London was a new blank page for Gwendoline Porte. The page on which this French citizen from the West Indies set down the…

Where do you go to find furniture? Could you also share some online addresses for us?

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We moved here 10 years ago. We were living in Portobello and it became too expenisve to buy there, so we started looking in Queens Park, which was a newish area to most then – we loved the high celilings and open space we have in this house, as well as the garden, and the proximity to the park.

I have just developed lots of quite luxurious swimwear materials for Spring – a black velvet, a satin in a champagne colour and also a black lurex that looks like black smashed crystals.

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Chiltern Firehouse – it’s opposite my shop. And Queens Park local The Chamberlayne.

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PRISM is a lifestyle brand – it is centred around holidays and luxury products that are well made that you can trust. This will continue to be true whether we launch into other areas or new stores etc.

How long have you lived in this apartment? Why did you choose it? 

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How long have you lived in London? What led you to make that choice?

Steven Meisel, Herb Ritts, Guy Bourdain photogs, And Artists – Cy Twombly, Basquiat – there are loads too many to name

Famille – London The London of the Founder of the PRISM Brand. /

I’m going to start producing Rails. It’s a range of modular furniture that I designed two years ago at the Chelsea College of Arts. The prototypes, which were made by L’Atelier Maury using toiles de laque, were so well received that they were exhibited at the Berlin Museum of Decorative Arts. Rails were inspired by a section of railway track for a project to regenerate an old Underground station for use as a co-working space in London. The idea was to work on the concept of furnitecture, a new approach to furniture that can be incorporated into the architecture of a building and that responds to a need at a given point in time: converting from a bench into a console, a coffee table, a seat, or an upright. They make it possible to create a lecture in a minute, after which you can pile them up to free up the space. I’d also like to organise an exhibition with Chantal Maury and her incredible toiles de laque. An alternative original to traditional canvasses or wallpaper that can decorate a wall with personalised colours and stunning effects. I also do consulting work in London to renovate offices and create exhibition booths for Merci Maman (bespoke, hand-engraved jewellery) and private individuals.

I was born in the Antilles and I spent a golden childhood in the sun before finishing high school in France. I then studied marketing and communications and started my career as a press attaché in Paris, working in the fields of fashion and sportswear, before focusing on advertising and digital marketing. In the meantime, I spent a year working in restaurants and catering in St Barthélémy. I needed a break from Paris, from all the greyness, and wanted to get closer to my family as well. Once I was back in Paris, I met my husband, who is my guardian angel.

Interiors wise – I love Rick Owens furniture, Patricia Urquiaola, Piet Hein Eek tables – for design it is endless. Fashion wise – vintage Balenciaga, Madame Gres or Fortuni is the dream.

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I look everywhere I go, wherever and whenever, especially when I’m travelling. London, obviously, but also Brussels, Berlin, Dakar, Marrakesh, Lisbon, and more. I love getting a bargain and finding objects for lasting memories – rare jewels or items I’ve fallen for. The latest example, at the moment, is a period wall lamp inspired by Serge Mouille, which I found in a vintage lighting store in Rome. There were two identical pieces as well as an original stem by Jean Prouvé. We took all three lamps! Apart from that, here are some places to look in London: Ardingly International Antiques & Collectors Fair, Sunbury Antiques Market at Kempton Park Racecourse, the Portobello Road, Lots Road auctions and the stores on Lillie Road in Fulham, Spitalfields Market and Brick Lane in Shoreditch. You can also make some great finds in charity shops. I have a few online favourites, too, such as Vinterior, Gumtree and My Little Atelier.

We’re off to Fulham in London to visit the home of French native Chloé Macintosh, co-founder of Chloé welcomes us into a…

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Which designer piece – interior or fashion – do you dream of owning?

Eclectic, chic, and simple. Undoubtedly, I have some exotic inspirations that come from my travels and my roots. I am attracted by clean lines, natural, raw and artisanal materials that have a patina and that tell a story. Above all, I’m sensitive to light. Light is vital in creating the atmosphere in a room. I like to mix different elements to add contrast and create a balance of styles, between male and female, traditional and contemporary, rustic and luxurious. The aim of each project is to build a conversation between each element, and to create atmosphere and emotion.

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It does and it doesn’t. My house is more about creating a homely feel – and it is of course reflective of not just my style but also Pierre’s (and my son Lucien’s !)

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I have always and will always love everything about Azzedine Alaia. I would love to do a furniture collab eventually – I can imagine something that leads on from the eyewear.

Could you recommend a good restaurant to us, either in London or somewhere else?

We’re off to Fulham in London to visit the home of French native Chloé Macintosh, co-founder of Chloé welcomes us into a house of astonishing architecture. Whilst the house is typically London-style on the outside, the inside is…

Just after graduating from the Chelsea College of Arts, more or less by chance I came across an advert for this pink house, which had not been redecorated for over 50 years – and with decoration that looked its age. The photos promised a complete renovation project. I had been staking out this tree-lined street, with its charming Victorian houses, for a long time: with bow windows, little balconies, pretty entrances and, above all, interesting spaces. It needed gutting throughout, with all the frames that had changed the shape of the house having to be replaced. I had to start from scratch to create the house we had dreamed of without any compromises. The “bonus” was obviously the potential for extensions to the kitchen and in the attic. We were able to add over 40 square metres to the house’s existing 120 square metres. It was a fantastic experience, managed with passion and the ambition of a young graduate who had to prove herself. My brother-in-law and my sister-in-law, who are both architects in London, helped me get the building permits. In terms of interior architecture, project management and the final decoration, I knew what I wanted. The result is a total metamorphosis. The light flows through the house from east to west on each floor, the space is distributed evenly throughout, and the internal doors and windows add a taste of tradition with a highly Parisian, contemporary twist. Our greatest joy is to see the house always full of friends and family.

Anna Laub has turned one of her weaknesses into her greatest advantage. This former fashion editor is short-sighted and cannot – like thousands of other people – live without glasses. Leading to a search for a flattering and elegant design that goes nowhere for most of us. It’s actually rather difficult to find a pair that’s functional and that also looks good, without the dilemma of having to choose between boring but affordable or stylish but over-priced. That’s something that Anna understands only too well. After 10 years of wearing the same design every single day, she had the idea of creating her own designs via PRISM. Her brand, launched in 2009, would also cover another product that she believed had a similar drawback: swimsuits. This Londoner has come a long way since then. Her designs were a big hit with city-dwellers who enjoy a sobre lifestyle, in keeping with the times. From Beyoncé to Kate Moss via Alicia Vikander, PRISM‘s forms and colours are seen in the front row at fashion shows and in the fashion pages of the best magazines. A polished brand image that Anna embodies better than anyone. Now extending beyond British shores, the little company is doing better than ever. Her head full of projects, the founder welcomes us to her home in Queen’s Park. Accompanied by Pierre, manager at the head of the Frequent Flyer Records label, and her son Lucien, she explains her longing to collaborate with other companies. Interview with a girl to keep a close eye on.

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