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Serafina67 *Urgently Requires Life* Susie Day

Serafina67 *Urgently Requires Life*

Susie Day

Published June 1st 2010
ISBN : 9780545283229
256 pages
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 About the Book 

This hilarious debut is now available in paperback! Serafina doesnt have a boyfriend, doesnt have a best friend, and her parents fight all the time. But she does have a shiny new laptop (a present from her guilt-ridden and therefore overly generous dad). And with the shiny new laptop comes a shiny new identity: serafina67, blogging (and kissing) addict. But in a year when the secrets turn serious, and friends and parents might not be what they seem, is spilling your whole life on the Internet such a bright idea? It might just lead to tears, trouble, hilarious online adventures and a fresh new take on writing---a novel told as a blog.