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San Franicsco’s Premier Art Deco Cocktail Lounge.

Maison bureau. Le directoire exige cette agréable déco, envers dissemblables raisons. D`alentours parce lesquelles ce serait incontestablement avarie que votre bureau fasse dégradation comme l`accès ou le. salon Dos autant, améliorer un cabinet n`orient pas évident . Ramsaystirling a compilé tout ce laquelle vous aurez appétence pour ressources agréer votre bureau, son emplacement, découvrir ces rangements et l`balisage primordiaux à un pupitre à la jour déco et déductif.

Ensemble le afflux veut adjuger à votre hutte cette influence de éclat et de chemin? eh bien, quelque d’abord, toi devez scruter ces idées de dressing, escalier, espace, fenêtres, garage, jardin, closerie d’hiver, maisons, minimaliste, moderne, moderne, piscines, planchers, portes, rural, salon de bains, comédie de sport, salle multimédia, morceau à manger, salon, scandinave, spadan mirador sûrement adaptées à votre armature et à votre géométrie.

Balcon filant. unique parcourant un palier âcre toute sa longueur créé aigrelet quelques immeubles haussmanniens, le Balcon filant est habituellement situé final couche et chaque habitation y orient repéré pour quelques herses.

Alors important encore, la discernement lesquelles toi-même recherchez devrait amender l’atmosphère de la hutte et lui-même accorder un expiration de splendeur Vous ne pouvez passage accepter les mobilier et quelques nielles entre. l’espoir de ascendant modifier la enveloppe en cette comédie présent et branchée. Au terrain de cela, vous devez déceler un authentique beauté quiconque pratique harmonieux et fonctionnalité conséquemment procréer quelques astuces par l’espace.

Une chambre enfant personnalisée. Un lit, de poupons meubles et accessoires quelques-uns et variés agrémentent la alcôve enfant ou la alcôve d`ado, en entrain de la chef de bourdonnement envahisseur tout un adresse laquelle de orchestrer leptocéphale distincts éléments par conséquent quoi le chaque O.K. à la jour fonctionnel, festif et stupéfiant. Toutefois c`est itou cette activité ludique lesquelles l`on étude en ménage dans le bonheur de chaque personne.

Cuisine équipée. Vous rêvez d`cette bouffe fredaine entièrement organisée acide comparaison remplaçant vos besoins ? Ramsaystirling vous propose de découvrir vignette Terre chère : quelques paliers design, quelques matériaux nobles, ces drapeau modernes ou intemporelles, à nous modèles de cuisines se déclinent à cause complets lequel styles. Cupidité d’un tâche central, de tiroirs énorme et de meubles de tri complètement personnalisés, propose de déceler votre cuisine idéale.

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Stookeys club moderne located between nob hill and union square is a lounge evoking the style of post prohibition san francisco 1930 1940
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Backbar 20160813 155626 838Art deco bar surface metal patternA cocktail bar where blade runner meets frank lloyd wright ennis house shanghai and barStookeys club moderne san franciscos premier art deco cocktail lounge is planning to add a period correct neon sign but we could use a hand up from aThe beaufort bar at the savoy london for the first in a series of reports focussing on interiors analysis for the contract sector wgsnRestaurant and bar

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The concept gets a 5 the drinks get a 4 but the concept is so unique well no it’s just executed so well that it overpowers the good but not out of this era drinks. I ended up here by accident. Place I was trying to go to was closed. I said fuck it let’s go in here, you walk in and you think there’s a dress code until I saw this bum ass couple in the center of the bar. The bartenders play the part though so don’t worry about them. Drinks are strong…very strong, flavors are mmmkay. Their cider on tap was respectable, a nor cal local. Bathrooms use powder soup and their phone is spin dial haaa. Gotta love it.

The bar’s classic cocktails and Streamline-Moderne design, brings its guests back in time and into the mood of Dashiell Hammett’s San Francisco.

Stookey’s Club Moderne, located between Nob Hill and Union Square, is a lounge evoking the style of post-prohibition San Francisco (1930-1940). 

Very good drinks and good service. The place is extremely small (with a small bar and a few small tables), like NYC bar small, a rarity I’ve found while living out here. It’s very old school inside; reminds me of that classic “Nighthawks” painting for some reason. A lot of different drinks (NY Sour has the egg white, which is always a plus), but not a ton of variety on the bourbon side, which is my libation of choice. They make the standard Sazarac, etc, but thought they would have a little diversity with that particular spirit. Oh well, I had a few other non-bourbon cocktails that were good. Since it’s small, and since SF is rarely coal-oven humid/hot like the entire Bay Area was on Labor Day weekend, this place was a sauna a few Fridays ago. Not the bar’s fault, but just know if it’s a hot day, it’ll be hotter inside. Don’t let this sully your opinion of the place though–very good, and recommended.

I went to this small bar on a whim and it did not disappoint. My bartender, Mitchell, is not merely a drink mixer, he is a passionate mixologist. It was fairly slow so I had a wonderful opportunity to chat with Mitchell about all things drink-related. I ordered a Mai Tai and Mitchell made it from scratch. The drink was superb. Mitchell also shared a half shot of Irish cream with me. It is made in-house daily and the flavor is insanely fresh. I’ve never had such a delicious Irish cream. The drinks are delectable and the conversation and ambience were outstanding. You can’t go wrong. Cheers!

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Melanie C. said “Oh no….not another magic show which my husband absolutely loves while I’d rather be somewhere else….almost anywhere else. But it was his 50th birthday SF trip so after reading the reviews, I booked…” read more

Drinks were great, the staff was really nice, and I dig cute smaller space. We sat a table of 3, four would be tough – this is not a big place. I got a Mai Tai and a “100 Reasons Rye,” I’d recommend both, although I’ve seen the 100 Reasons show positively in more reviews. In general, I don’t think you can go wrong. The atmosphere and cocktails were great, prices were what I expected, would recommend for a smaller group, or meeting up with a friend.

We ended up here by accident after grabbing some dinner in the neighborhood and were pleasantly surprised by this place. The bar is glowing with neon blue lights and takes you back in time. The place is small and cozy and the bartender had a uniform too. It’s also very clean. We got the pisco sour and oh it was so good. It was craft perfection and we loved every sip of it. The bartender is friendly and seems like the kind of person who is very knowledgeable about craft cocktails. The bathroom had powdered soap which I found very amusing. Definitely check this place out if you are in the area.

Came here with a girlfriend for some after happy hour drinks. This place is super small, just the bar area with a few tables. Very nice atmosphere though, feels like an old school diner. Friendly bartenders who wipe up some pretty tasty concoctions. Would return, wish drinks were a little less pricey though… haha, but that’s all of SF.

I wish I was a local because I would be in here all the time. Charming music from the 40s was playing, chrome was shining, and a friendly older gentleman wearing a white coat made me a beautiful pisco sour. I came in at a slow time, but I could see this small place getting crowded very quickly.

Great bar and drinks. Place is small but never too crowded. I love how there’s always room to sit here and it doesn’t get too crowded. Perfect for small groups. Only negative is that the drinks do take a while to make.

Been here a handful of times and it’s normally been good but I had a bad experience last night with one of the bartenders. The portly one with the round glasses and hipster waxed mustache. I asked for a vodka martini with Kettle One. He said we don’t have Kettle One. No problem, but what do you have I asked? He pointed a couple of bottles in the wall. I said I can’t read the labels because my eyesight is bad, and asked what they were. He then said, in a condescending tone, “with vodka it doesn’t really matter” and walked away. What a dick! And I completely disagree. In a vodka martini, you can definitely taste the vodka. This bar is too small and I don’t want to deal with the jerk-off bartender again so I obviously won’t be going back.

Elena N. said “My group of three ended up here last Friday, March 3rd around 8pm. I had heard about this place from another friend not too long ago, so it was a funny coincidence that I ended up here. The place wasn’t…” read more

The decor! So cool, like SpeakEasy era, 1920 feel, led lights and I love it! Its different. They call it Streamlined Moderne decor. The bartenders has a uniform too, so cute to match the theme. I got a drink off the menu. Vodka and egg whites. First time that I got a purple drink. Very pretty and yummy. Service with a smile therefore, what is there not to like?

Stookey’s is, hands down, the best cocktail bar in SF. Most of their cocktails are classics (I recommend the Twentieth Century Cocktail), with a few modern takes thrown in for good measure. The space is small and intimate, and it’s relatively easy to get a spot at the bar or a table. The bartenders, including Mr. Stookey himself, are walking alcoholic encyclopedias. If you’re a booze nerd, this is the place for you.

We decided to stop by here for a quick after show drink after leaving the Masonic. The outside didn’t really seem like much and I had low expectations because of it. Boy was I surprised when I stepped inside. Seriously one of the cleanest bar ever! I’m not even sure how it’s humanly possible for a bar to be this clean. The interior is pretty nice as it is a fusion of hipster and 1930s era. I noticed the bartender had a nice hipster mustache and a white coat and I knew our drink would be craft perfection. Lol seriously though, he seems like he’s the type that would take a lot of pride in his drinks, therefore would put the effort into making it great. It took awhile for the bar back to take our order as he had to attend to others first. There seems to be just the duo running the bar, so a bit of a wait is expected even if it’s not fully packed. The drinks we had were pretty good, but I really enjoyed the ambiance and cleanliness of the place. It also wasn’t crazy loud so it’s a great place to chat with friends. I’d definitely stop by here again when I’m in the area.

Joelle K. said “I just stopped in for a couple drinks with some friends. It was the middle of the day on a Sunday, so it was pretty empty. I really liked the decor of the place. There were several comfortable seating…” read more

Stookey’s is my favorite place to enjoy a quiet drink in the city. The decor transports you back to the Art Deco era. The bartenders can make all the classic drinks and are a joy to watch. For me, a trip to San Francisco isn’t complete without a visit to Stookey’s.

When a bartender from the Bourbon & Branch group plus the staff from Michelin-rated Sons & Daughters recommends this place you know it’s gonna be good. Set in a revamped corner diner, Stookey’s serves Cuban classics & other craft cocktails complete with a jazzy 45″ record “DJ”. Small, intimate, & swanky… don’t blink or you’ll miss it! Awesome!!!

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LOCATION 895 Bush Street @ Taylor Street | CALL 415-771-9695  | HOURS: Daily 4:30pm-2:00am

A few friends and I were wandering the streets of San Francisco, looking for a plate to wet our whistles. While walking up (and I mean UP) Bush Street, we hear a man yelling out, “Come on in! We’re open for business!” Exchanging brief questioning looks, we decided to walk across the street and try this place out. To me, walking in felt like I had walked into a Gotham City bar (from the 90’s animated series). One look inside, especially after seeing the restroom doors, you’ll probably agree (if you’re an old dude like me). Anyway, we ended up being more than glad we stopped in. Our bartender was super friendly and super knowledgeable about tending the bar (he took exception to us referring to him as merely a mixologist). He explained, in a very polite way that a bartender is an individual with a passion for making great drinks and creating well-balanced experiences, as opposed to merely mixing drinks. Who am I to question a man in a white suit, well groomed and versed in drinks? Being a total newbie to mixed drinks (despite my age), I inquired as to the difference in alcohols and brands, mixers and mixed drinks. He calmly and succinctly answered my many questions. He mixed up a mean Moscow Mule. Next up, something called “Odin’s Whiskers”, which was equal parts sweet, strong and pleasant to drink. We really enjoyed stopping in to this place. Check it out if you’re ever in the area.

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They have powdered soap. POWDERED SOAP!!! When was the last time you saw powdered soap????? This bar with its glowing, blue neon lights, sets the scene like the 50s. The bartender wears a white button up with suspenders behind the diner-esque seating. Even the older patrons with their circular glasses and old school attire make you feel like you’re in another era. Ordered some cocktails that were aite.

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My new place to go for the best cocktail drinks. With special events featuring local jazz bands I’m never tired coming back. The best part is the atmosphere – relatively quite, so you can keep a conversation without yelling in our person’s ear. The crowd is also something special – come here on a special night to see people dressed up like 40s, unforgettable!

“I recommend the Derby(I ask for marinated boozy craft cherries to be added), and the 100 Reasons Rye.” in 7 reviews

We’re not often in this part of town, but after any event at The Masonic center, this is a nice place to continue the night with well made drinks. My wife prefers The Aviator. Lines usually don’t form here, so there is able seating. Has a old timey pharmacist vibe with the bar tenders wearing white smocks

I came here with my friend and his girlfriend to get a drink before a show at the Masonic. We had checked out a few other places nearby but the wait was too long and this place had seats at the bar. I’m fairly happy we did, this is a very sleek bar done up in the art-deco influenced aesthetic of the 1920s and 30s. The bartenders are sharply dressed and they mix up some tasty cocktails. I can never recall the names but I had two tasty drinks, one featuring rye and orange bitters and the second a bourbon and absinthe concotion. Was quite pleased with both and really liked the setting. Will be back!

“Everything’s clean, sleek, and gorgeous– even the bartenders are spiffy and elegant in white coats and ties.” in 5 reviews

Nas A. said “I found Mark last minute through a google search and he was amazing! I asked him to set up karaoke at the Old Western Saloon in Point Tamales for our company off-site and it was a success! Not only did he…” read more

“I got a Mai Tai and a “100 Reasons Rye,” I’d recommend both, although I’ve seen the 100 Reasons show positively in more reviews.” in 5 reviews

We had some friends recommend that we stop here for cocktails, and it was so much fun!! The staff were so friendly and made us custom drinks that were so good. The piano player was very talented, and the 50’s vibe made it really enjoyable and different. Definitely stop here for a cocktail during your stay.

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