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As a bonus, the clubhouse — with its French doors, white coffered ceiling and charming veranda — might be the finest of any public course in the country.

Contemporary ExamplesThe veranda, roofless and open to the bitter blue sky where the seasonal gu rains sputter, serves as a makeshift neonatal ward.

Spanish Colonial architecture (as well as the “Mission style” revivalist version that became popular in the Western United States in the early 1900s) commonly incorporates verandas, both on the exterior of buildings and, in cases of buildings with courtyards, along the interior walls of courtyards. In some cases, homes were constructed with every room opening into a courtyard veranda, rather than interior corridors or direct connections to other rooms.

Four nights in a cabin with veranda were priced at $299 per person, plus taxes and fees.

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“God Bless You,” read a hand painted banner hung from a veranda on handsome Flamengo beach.

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In Poland, the word “weranda” is commonly used for the unheated roofed annex to a house, without walls or with glass walls.[citation needed]

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: a long, open structure on the outside of a building that has a roof

C18: from Portuguese varanda railing; related to Hindi varandā railing

Sip mimosas on the veranda afterward while taking in the afternoon sunshine.

The bandeirista style house from Brazil typically has a veranda positioned to face the sunrise.[5]

1711, from Hindi varanda, which probably is from Portuguese varanda, originally “long balcony or terrace,” of uncertain origin, possibly related to Spanish baranda “railing,” and ultimately from Vulgar Latin *barra “barrier, bar.” French véranda is borrowed from English.

The menu, which changes approximately every six months, is always Italian-inspired and best when enjoyed on the lush veranda.

nounAlso ve·ran·dah. Chiefly South Midland and Southern U.S. a large, open porch, usually roofed and partly enclosed, as by a railing, often extending across the front and sides of a house; gallery.piazza.

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Leaving the mansion from the rear veranda, homeowners can walk along a brick path directly to the river.

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The Creole townhouse in New Orleans, Louisiana, is also noted for its prominent use of verandas. In fact, most houses constructed in the Southern United States before the advent of air conditioning were built with a covered front porch or veranda.

In Heavy Snowfall region in Japan , especially Aomori and Niigata Prefectures, The structures are developed called Gangi-Zukuri(ja:雁木造) since Edo period. For example, The total length of Gangi in old Takada city is over 16 Kilometers.[6]

Although the form “verandah” is correct and very common, some authorities prefer the version without an h (the Concise Oxford English Dictionary gives the h version as a variant and The Guardian Style Guide says “veranda not verandah”).[4]

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nouna porch or portico, sometimes partly enclosed, along the outside of a buildingNZ a canopy sheltering pedestrians in a shopping street

The veranda has featured quite prominently in Australian vernacular architecture and first became widespread in colonial buildings during the 1850s. The Victorian Filigree architecture style is used by residential (particularly terraced houses in Australia and New Zealand) and commercial buildings (particularly hotels) across Australia and features decorative screens of wrought iron, cast iron “lace” or wood fretwork. The Queenslander is a style of residential construction in Queensland, Australia, which is adapted to subtropical climates and characterized by its large verandas.

References[edit] External links[edit] Wikimedia Commons has media related to Verandas. Wikisource has the text of the 1911 Encyclopædia Britannica article Verandah. Archnet discussion forum on Verandah British Empire Architecture Ajay Sinha Discovers Experimentation in Ancient Indian Temple Design See more verandahs in the State Library of Queensland’s collection

A veranda or verandah is a roofed, open-air gallery or porch, attached to the outside of a building.[1][2] A veranda is often partly enclosed by a railing and frequently extends across the front and sides of the structure.[3]

Awning Canopy Deck Engawa Gallery Lanai (architecture) Loggia Overhang (architecture) Patio Porch sitting Terrace

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They saw him from the veranda, and Miss Briscoe called to him in welcome.

Architecture styles notable for verandas[edit] Australia[edit]

Photo by Chaos Z Via Dezeen Photo by Chaos Z Via Dezeen The veranda that wraps around the house is supported by steel structural columns that give the house a warm but utilitarian feel.

Note: An Anglo-Indian word, most of the early evidence for which is cited in Yule and Burnell’s Hobson-Jobson (2nd edition 1903) and the Oxford English Dictionary. The superficial similarity in form and meaning of the Romance and Indo-Aryan words is striking enough that the Romance scholar Joan Coromines attempted to connect them, positing an Indo-European substratal noun as the source of both, to which he added Lithuanian (Žemaitian dialect) varanda “loop plaited from flexible twigs” (Diccionario crítico etimológico castellano e hispánico).

It is questionable, however, if the original meanings of the three etyma are really closely comparable, so that the phonetic likeness may simply be coincidence. The Romance word has been connected with Spanish and Portuguese vara “rod, pole” and other progeny of Latin vāra “forked pole,” but, as Coromines points out, the deverbal suffix -anda would require the existence of an otherwise unknown verb *varar; other Romance forms descended from a variant *varandia/varania (see Coromines) make such a hypothesis even less likely.

Non-golf attractions: spa and pool complex, shopping in quaint nearby towns, available skeet-shooting and fishing and a chance to read in a rocking chair on the famous veranda.

gallery [Southern {amp} Midland], lanai, piazza [dialect], porch, stoop;

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Historical ExamplesHe went across to the hotel, tied the gelding at the rack, and sat down on the veranda.

borrowed perhaps via an Indo-Portuguese creole from Portuguese varanda, akin to Spanish baranda “railing” (earlier, “balcony, floor of a building”), Catalan barana “railing,” Old Occitan baranda “barrier, barricade,” all going back to *varanda “enclosing barrier, the area enclosed,” of obscure origin; reinforced by Hindi & Urdu baraṇḍā “roofed gallery,” Marathi varãḍ, varãḍā “parapet,” in part borrowed from Portuguese varanda and English veranda, in part going back to Sanskrit varaṇḍaka- “mound of earth, rampart separating two fighting elephants,” varaṇḍa- “partition wall”

The kind of suit that suggests sipping mint juleps on the veranda or Campari in a Roman piazza.

But the heat of noon, after the cool shade of the veranda, was terrific.

Winifred Rawson tending her son on the veranda of The Hollow, near Mackay, Queensland, ~1873

Other outdoor hot spots include a gazebo, veranda and fountain.

She then quietly makes her way back to the veranda and lights another cigarette as if the last five minutes never even happened.

: a usually roofed open gallery or portico attached to the exterior of a building

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1 Architecture styles notable for verandas 1.1 Australia 1.2 Brazil 1.3 Japan 1.4 Poland 1.5 United States 2 See also 3 References 4 External links

After the meal they all adjourned to the veranda, where the air was cool and the view extensive.

: a long porch extending along one or more sides of a building

“I think I’ll wait for you on the veranda, children,” said Mrs. Gray.

buttress, casita, cornice, fanlight, garret, lintel, parapet, pilaster, plinth

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